Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time do flies

Less than a week to my final.Duh...

I missed lots of fun like ump National Day?oh...Happy National Day~~ = = who cares anyway.
For me, its a Fireworks-day. XD
I didn't join the fun this year,so no fireworks. But still enjoy though, with princy's bunch of guys. Drinking-joking-eating-joking-drinking.

Wanted to post bout my birthday thingy but no pictures with me >.< my bithday wish didn't come true eh, I wish for a camera lar T___________T why.

Yesterday, 1 sep is our very first,satu,one,ichi year anniversary.
No celebration,no dinner,no present but only me and him. I love his plan.
No,I wont post bout it and only keep it as my secret. ;))))

Too much outing lately and no time for my study. I feel some kind of guilt. >.<
Need to catch up for the neglated one. 3 more to go I guess.

Oh ya,I met Lee Chun Wei (hope I spell his name correctly) the Malaysia badminton guy while I was shopping with princy at Midvally on sunday. No photo to prove lar. Give me a camera lar T_____________T

Haiya, I want more time please. *praying*
Study study study...zzz



tR@cy said...

woo hoo~~ so fast one yr d hor....
wish wm n u will...hmmm...


michikosia said...

ahahhahaha...10s may^^

wait lar wait lar...ahahahhah