Saturday, September 20, 2008

Random shits

Finished my last paper for this sem~!!!(hope no supp) *cross finger*(help me cross also lar)
6 subj fuuh~~~~~~~~~~I'm so gengsss (powerful wtf)


I'm home and 3 hour had passed. and I don't know what to do now =____=
Study too much over past few weeks, everyday doing notes, read notes, do calculation, memorize some of the terms, open/close accounts, find out the tax incentives and bla bla bla.

I can now talk/write business.

From corporate business to rules and regulation to financing to issues to inventory control to tax incentives to international exchange risk to....fuuh. I cant believe myself neither!*pats myself*
But yeah..I've got nothing to do now...isn't that great?T___T then why am I crying.

Too bored thats it! (sorry ar, I'm too happy actually T.T, well. maybe.)

Drama finished watch d lar. me so gengs still can schedule some time for drama during exam wtf.
Watched MR(moonlight resonance) epi37 just now, omg MahMah (grandma in Cantonese) die!!!!!!! I'm so geram(pissed) with Yang Hong (second wife@mushroom head) damn it feel like slapping her and eat her mushroom head. Four more epi to end the season.
Sigh I've mix feeling cause I love this drama but at the same time I want to see the ending. I know the ending sure good wan (from the title itself- Ga Hou Yut Yun, means everything is perfect like that) just wonder how it ends good.

Eh, I just realise I overused the brackets form in this post. So annoyed. Like one of the cheesie post wtf. No offense and no no, not copying her. Coincidence ok. Sorry chessie.

Lets talk about online buys la since everyone heats on the topic. By the way, who wants to read the long boring post claiming herself study so much and finish her dramas keep saying own self very gengss like that. I bet no one.

So, recently I've serve online( still can spare some times for blog hopping, facebook, online shopping...O.o) and bought some shits. Say I'm a spender thank you.

Bikini set for only RM15!!

Random white-T for school purpose
(but too small for me,sigh)
Who wants to buy from me ar?
only RM 18.

Kimono dress

Look at the detail!

Lovely hem

Nice <33
(eh, don't look at the wrong place arh!)

High-waist skirt

Can wear for formal class like stupid Monday

Or become a dress!!
I'm so clever :))

Kindda addicted to buy online junk now cause all I need is just click click click and the goods will arrive at your door like *poof* wtf. Even the payment also done online!! So convenience and I'm so poor now haih.


Yay I'm going out now!
Princy called and save my life wtf.
[can shop without clicking now!tee-hee :)))) ]


Anonymous said...

michi michi~~~da dress looks nice..can u teach me how to online purchasing??? +.+....

Anonymous said...

which web site that u go for shopping?

michikosia said...

anonymous: 10s~~erm,just go to the online boutique and email to the owner for the goods u wana order and delivery will be done right after u make the payment lo.They will teach if u have query de^^

Anonymous: erm, I serve different boutique wor...u may log on to diary of shopaholic.^^ hope this help.

aarontyh said...

michi michi ar...can u teach me in details...

Fishymoonie said...

I like that dress !! its hard to buy something tru online purchasing. i dun have a typical body build. >_<

michikosia said...

ahaha 10s fishy.
I dont have that typical body u meant too!sigh.