Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hectic Days ahead...uhh!!


Assignment, presentation, exam....grrr!!
And now THESIS (final year project).

Perhaps thats a student life.

uhh...I just wish to hide myself in there forever...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Its another happy day to be celebrates!!
Now us,the VEGEss were all attach...tralalala~
And..Congrads to Vege-Lisa~~!!VEGE ROXX

Oh OH..another biggie viggie newsie..
Although its only register but consider married!!On Valentines some more,so romantic my vege dear!!

Double congrads^^

UHH..I'm so so so So SO lack for the CNY post >.<
Just found out that I didn't took much pic during CNY...grr >.<

Still....I WANT CAMERA!!

So..since I'm so lazy to post and edit pics with no camera (*sob*), and if you still have interest to know, just go to Vege-Fenn's blog,enjoy~^^

Forgive me, I'm super duperly lazie ^^'''
Okay lar, here's some pics when I'm back to KL.

My flowers received on valentines:

But its not from my princyDurian >.<

One from my dearest AMoi~ Nelly and One from me to Amoi
and another one its from Cutie Eric^^

Thanks dude!

Random pics:
(Warning: vain vain super vain pics below)

Jezz & Nelly

Fatty me(>.<) & Jezz

Drunker Cheng

Drunker cousins :Cheng & xxx (forget his name,sorry!), cheng and xxx?!?

erm!, xxx?!?! and Ming fer

kakit, fatty me, princyDurian, Jezz

Guys posing with my red clutch:

Er..makes me wonder my princy its a guy??
OH NOOOooooo~


Friday, February 15, 2008


Back from Miao miao 3days ago.
Argh >.<....lots of things had happened, I'm so numb.
Waiting for others sending me pictures again. I really need a camera lar~


To princyDurian's youngest uncle,
Rest in peace, its so sad that I haven't got a chance to meet you.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Packing packing Packing~Back for CNY

Balik Kampung~ ohh~~ Balik Kampung~~

Busy packing for whole day. I'm packing myself as well to Durian's house tonight.
Cause he will be back same Kampung with me tomorrow^^

Happy CNY!!

Hope I'll still recognize myself as I look in the mirror after CNY >.<