Monday, March 31, 2008

How fast are you?

59 words

Speed test

You type 308 characters per minute
You have 59 correct words and
You have 0 wrong words.

Try it out.
I think I'm a slow typer>.<

Sunday, March 30, 2008


With March ending, meaning my coursework mark is going to release, my final exam is around the corner and so as my friends will grad soon. Owh~

I will miss you guys lot!!!

[Still no intention to study yet...T.T how??]

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Join the fights

Heard the 60minutes Earth Hour 2008?
Its today!!
March 29, 8pm to 9pm.
Lights off for ONE hour. An exercise for the earth.
Help to reduce fossil fuel burning. Stop global warming!!!!!

Just turn off the lights for 60minutes!!
8PM to 9PM, off your house lights and take your 60minutes fresh air walk outside your house garden.
You definitely feel the difference.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Dream Girl

Valerie has out??!!

Isn't she cute?

Watched Malaysian DreamGirl (MDG) lastest episode and shock to know Valerie, one of my favorite contestant has been eliminated!!!
It was..... T.T

Episode 7 mostly bout the drama happened on Cindy.
Kinda bored but yeah, clearly tell us how she (Cindy) act so well in front of the camera??Hmmmp..
I thought she will be out this week. Why Valerie??WHY?
Mean to say, she is a complete bitch to me. I just don't like her.
Somehow I've read her blog, here. You will understand why.
(I sound like a bitch too!>.<)

bitch can?

For those who never know, Ringo the cheesie is in MDG too.
She is famous of her cheeserland blog, and is one of my favorite blogger ^^
At the previous episode in MDG, the girls were mad of her blog after she getting rejected at the closed audition. But she proved to them that she deserve the 2nd chance; still survive till now. Never be one in the bottom line. Haha...
Do pay a visit at her site =)

Ringo, go go go!

MDG for me is sort of copying American's Next Top Model. The way they judge, and...just lar.
Hey..this is MDG weiiii !!!
Malaysian Dream punya girl eh. Absolutely not bitchy also.
I'm expecting more on maybe Jessica Alba's face+Angelina Jolie's figure+Michael Scofield's brain??I'm kidding.

Come on, have our on Malaysia's style of tv show can? Don't this MDG show just look like another ripoff version of foreign show? (obviously I do mean American Next Top Model >.<)
Or is it better to change the name to Malaysia's Next Top Model?

Okaylar, my First Malaysian Dreamgirl among these girls will be Fiqa.
First, she is chio. She is young (only 18!) and is a mix blood of Chinese and Malay.
She got the unique mixture of Malaysia culture's blood, like that still not enough to represent Malaysian dream girl ar??Lolz...
Anyhow, I do like her.

chio Fiqa

Waiting for the new episode to load.

P/s: Do leave comment oh~ Thanks.

Who's the Best?

Occasionally I compare my accomplishments to those of others and lament that I seem to have done little in my life.
We often make such comparisons.
Children do it in sports or school competitions; adults do it in workplace or at class and family reunions.
"Who is the fastest, strongest, or smartest?"
"Who has accumulated the most wealth, prestige, or glamour?"
"Who is the winner?"
Such comparisons can result in hurt feelings, envy, or rivalry.

But God does not measure success using human standards. In the story from Samuel 30, David rewarded his soldiers equally for their service, no matter their individual contribution to the victory.
In the same way, God asks ONLY that we serve to the best of our ability with the talents given us. It is not for us to compare our achievements with others' or to judge another's calling against our own.
Our role is to faithfully do our best at the work given us, wherever we serve.
When we give our best, we are winners.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Grrrrr!!!!I'm so mad bout the streamyx line.
As for the reason I disappear so long its because my line got hack??!!
Stupid hacker I curse you.
Found out 2 days ago and my housemate got it fix by today. Fuuh~ At last...
Thanks Hong, the birthday boy of yesterday,Haha...talking bout this, we went to have a great steamboat last night to celebrate for his big day=)
We,16 of us with 4 cars and 3 big tables joining together. Eat lots of lots of seafoods and I think the "Taukenio" having headache when we almost finish all the prawns they have!!LMAO.
Taking lots of pictures and its still at Chloe's camera. Waiting her to send me >.<

Bout pass weeks,been busy with lots of assignment and thingy.
I cant say its free now since final exam its just around the corner.
But its much more relax on this week after everything had summited =)

Oh ya, went melacca last saturday. Hmmp, guess I'll make it to the next entry.
Tired lar~

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...its about learning to dance in the rain.

Don't worry about the people in your past: There's a reason why they didn't make it to your future!

*Happy 200days~Always love u baby princy v^^v*

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

After all, I get to have some break yesterday. Went for a little shop for my formal wear and...yea,little shop T.T buuuhuuuu~
Met up Vege-lisa at Midvalley and 38 gal's non-stop topic begins =) oh ya,not to forget, Amoi also join us too. (vege-amoi wana be??) lolzzz... to meet up my gangs. Always do.

Cant wait for our next shopping location - Pavillion, as promise to Vege.
Before that, =.= I still have another presentation and midterm to go.


Monday, March 10, 2008


Been so busy lately and I'm totally exhausted.
Not in the mood laaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAArrrrRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!