Thursday, October 29, 2009


Was kinda shock when I first saw my friend wearing his 1500++ degrees' spec!

It's as thick as....I DON'T KNOW MAN!

present to you, Michael!
the owner wts >.<

so so thick!
(lolz that's my notes fyi, was in my ACCA class...:P)

and was comparing to another friend of mine who have 400++ degrees and....
it's like...

Pardon me of know, the 38-ness but heh. really first time in my life ever saw THAT thick of spec...fuuh, can't imagine how tired would I carry with those eye >.<

Yay~ Finally I've a small cute nose wts

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sushi slurp~

I love Love LOVE eating sushi <333

and the other day, I had.....

made MY own sushi!!!

FINE. I didn't made those >.< My sis did and her friend.
As usual, I sit there open my mouth chew swallow and burp and repeat wtf

Neh, this is my sis =.=

with her proud cheeky satisfied face

she will kill me if she saw this >.<

Sowee sis, I can't think of ways to thank you lolz.

Anyhoo, she bought all this ingredient for sushi from......I don't know eh.
cause I only eat Eat EAT!!!!!!!! *look away*



Fish eggs

my favorite~~

Japanese rice

The mess lolz

Ok, I did actually make one of my own sushi roll......

Put a slice of salmon on the seaweed

and roll over...

and EAT!!


easy hor~

Lalala~so FuuuuuuuuLLLL *burpp*


and I gained another 2kgs omfsagahugasaga!!!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Challeging Mount' Santubong

.....was terribly failed!!waduf

Worse thing ever happened during mount' climbing wtf.
Lucky enough to bring the pad and it safes my life =.= and that's the end of my climbling wtf after a 20 minutes climb?hooray~ =.=

Well, since that's it I can't climb anymore (wtf it really pain and it's killing me!), I decided to head down and off to the beach! yay~
*Fyi, the mount (Santubong) located just beside the beach.

thank you, my tired pms face waduf

The weather is damn good that morning, God do hear our prayers, don't HE :P
So why do I waste the chance?

Isn't it beautiful?
God's creation is amazing!

okay, that's the end wtf I waited them for like 4 hours or more in total!!
but, I do enjoy that day :P

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My lovely D & G

No, not Dolce & Gabbana.

Is my Lovely Darren and Gladys!!
Ok, nothing to HUUHAA about but they are my love. My lovely niece and nephew.
and this is a requested post by my stupid cousin- Connie, yes is YOU!!

Since she wanted only and ONLY their photos so, I'll just present their photo instead wtf.

P/s:: Sorry POMI I just realised there are no G's b'day photos in my phone lolz. need to wait Sis to give me, so till now I only post up their random-grown-up pics, hope you enjoy~and you owe me present for this huh!!*a gift from singapore i dun care*


*how come his eye so big and mine are like....oh well*

*trying to get up by himself!!*


*hahahaha half way crying*

*her new pose of taking pictures*
I don't think I teach her those...*look away*

Lastly present to you my cute pic (as if you miss my face wtf)

Notice who's behind me?? :p

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Getting my MC today. I'm sick,like..AGAIN?

Not felling well after I came back from KL and thank GOD it ain't H1N1.
KL trip was so much fun, too bad I don't own a camera and my stupid mobile is spoiled,couldn't save pictures and videos. Duh.

Log again after I've more rest.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Off to KL in another 20 more hours~~!!

I know you will probably saying that, ahh just KL so what?
But it means what for me ^.^
I love that place so much, not just because of the happening environment, but, my lovely friends.
Not sure is that I'm lucky or what, I've not really met or been approached by the so called bad guys. Friends of mine are really good. For real.

I miss them so so so much! specially amoi, suet and Tian! but too bad Tian can't make it >.<
But the seafoods family still will reunite~
Looking forward for the gathering and shopping and eating and wow just everything!!
I'm so excited can't sleep wts =.=

Ps: To Connie, I think I need to postpone "memi2yr-old's" post after I back from trip hohohoho~

Friday, October 9, 2009


Was browsing videos in the youtube and found this dance group/school's dance video and they just simply amaze me!!
The passion in them...just wow!

*wipe saliva*
A sudden thought of joining dance class...MEH.
As if I got time to spare. Wts talking bout time....I left proximately 2months to my ACCA's paper.

and I'm heading to KL next week :P

Monday, October 5, 2009

Don't stress don't stress don't stressss

listening to Jesse Mccartney.
wts, I'm comforting myself I guess.

Having to know that there is a mid-term test going on this Thursday.
Again, I HATE exams. Stresss me lots.
I doubt, why I took this ACCA papers at the first place. Sigh.
Why not just get married to an old rich man sucking all his money and live happily ever after wts.

Ok, time's out.
Kit kat break is over.
Good luck to me, chao~


Saturday, October 3, 2009

I baked

@.@ I did, believe it!!


hohoho, I can prepare to get married wts.
I'm so talent lalalalalla~~
*look away*