Saturday, October 24, 2009

My lovely D & G

No, not Dolce & Gabbana.

Is my Lovely Darren and Gladys!!
Ok, nothing to HUUHAA about but they are my love. My lovely niece and nephew.
and this is a requested post by my stupid cousin- Connie, yes is YOU!!

Since she wanted only and ONLY their photos so, I'll just present their photo instead wtf.

P/s:: Sorry POMI I just realised there are no G's b'day photos in my phone lolz. need to wait Sis to give me, so till now I only post up their random-grown-up pics, hope you enjoy~and you owe me present for this huh!!*a gift from singapore i dun care*


*how come his eye so big and mine are like....oh well*

*trying to get up by himself!!*


*hahahaha half way crying*

*her new pose of taking pictures*
I don't think I teach her those...*look away*

Lastly present to you my cute pic (as if you miss my face wtf)

Notice who's behind me?? :p

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