Monday, October 26, 2009

Sushi slurp~

I love Love LOVE eating sushi <333

and the other day, I had.....

made MY own sushi!!!

FINE. I didn't made those >.< My sis did and her friend.
As usual, I sit there open my mouth chew swallow and burp and repeat wtf

Neh, this is my sis =.=

with her proud cheeky satisfied face

she will kill me if she saw this >.<

Sowee sis, I can't think of ways to thank you lolz.

Anyhoo, she bought all this ingredient for sushi from......I don't know eh.
cause I only eat Eat EAT!!!!!!!! *look away*



Fish eggs

my favorite~~

Japanese rice

The mess lolz

Ok, I did actually make one of my own sushi roll......

Put a slice of salmon on the seaweed

and roll over...

and EAT!!


easy hor~

Lalala~so FuuuuuuuuLLLL *burpp*


and I gained another 2kgs omfsagahugasaga!!!