Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Found lots of mushrooms in my blog>.<
Its been 2 months i cant online cause of the stupid router and....some reason.

Too lazy to blog...

Pictures pictures...Dun mind please,no edits>.<
Forget to mention,was back hometown for the past month..
The main purpose for the return because my big sister giving birth!

Right after she delivered

While hours ago before she delivered my piggy niece...
Those was the situation..

some chit-chatting...some worrying..
while some (like me) busy taking pictures

2jie and bf...2jie and me

me and younger brother
Mum shout QUITE loud that the operation door had opened and seems like my sis already delivered..
Everyone was very excited and rush to the main door outside just to peek for the appearance of my sis and the piggy..

Just look at the happening..lolxx..
Ahhh..thats my cute family..always so 38-ing and dramatic..


Ta Ta~

Gladys aka piggy^.^
soooooo cute so small so soft~~~~

Mum always getting very excited and happy when we come back home.
Although she never say anything but i can sense looking at what she cook for me..

Yup..thats why i know..

But still,i will go out eat somehow..haha, spoil kid>.<
Its just because i really really REALLY cant miss any chance eating my laksa^.^wooooo~~~

Get my hair dye with vege at RAY salon which has a bunch of handsome hairdresser..woot!

Thats my hairdresser- Pattern

I got my fringe cut and...

Haiz..cant blame them lar, indeed the color i choose was quite dark..
mum don't allow bright color and Prince Durian don't want "lala" choice..haih~

Having lots of fun back hometown..
And meet new friends..specially this CHAO AH NIAH!

Honestly,you are really very super duper nice guy..i'm glad to know you!
Even though i always bully you..but you really NOT BAD!!
But still want to say....Stop smoking lar,not good for you ar..and remember our deal when i come back oh..i'm not only backside "shu nue"!!!!!wahahhahahaha

Oh ya...
I must post this..
This vege never ever change her living style even she is at home!!

Tsk tsk tsk

Even her mum cant tahan and complain to me..and the funniest thing is that her mum rather want me to be her daughter and ignore vege..lolxx!!!

The other day i go her house..saw her mum watching tv in the living room...
(walk in)
Vege: MA~
Vege's mum: (still watching tv,ignoring her)
Vege: Auntie~
Vege's mum: (still..ignoring her)
Me: MA~
Vege's mum: (look at me) OI!!! lin lin u come ar...hahaha..
Vege: .........=.=''''

Still got lots of vege pics haven't upload..
Time to zzzzzz

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Back Kuching

I'm back!!!
Back in kuching, woot!
Meet all the VEGE, keep eating..eating.and still eating!!!!!!!
A a a a a a a a a a I GAIN WEIGHT LA!!!