Friday, August 29, 2008

She's mine!!

So cute can!!

Omg she is sibeh cute~~~
who is she who is she who is she??!!!

Jeng jeng jeng~~~

My cutie baby niece ^^V
(this photo taken during cny'08,that time she, no hair wtf)
She grow so much miss her now T___T


we look alike right?RIGHT.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dear me,

Happy Bday to you~~~!!!boo :/

Saturday, August 23, 2008

cheeky vege


Although only half of the vege-gang was here, we still so vege can!

vege as usual, *click* for more pictures and details :)

Having lots of vege fun. aww~ I miss them already..sob :(((((((
Its an unplanned meets okay!! It happened that vege-fenn has her convo in kl, vege-melly outstation in kl (again), vege-fung having her shopping-leave in kl and vege-lin(me lah^^V) still study in kl. boo

I'm really really vegelly greatful and thankful to have the vege with me. Its been ummp 10+ years we have been knowing each other and we still maintain our sistership so damn well.
Xoxo always love you gals.

xoxo to my princy also *winks*

Wednesday, August 20, 2008



At last, I bought my very first camera!!



Still, its a smaller version of DSLR. lalalal~*whistle*
Sigh, quite obviously I cant afford it now. I mean the real one >.< but I still like my mini dslr<3 Its actually Necklace-torchlight-lighter ! multifunction eh <333

I enjoy "snapping" pictures. Neh, use torchlight function as flash like that to take ppl's photo and they get very annoyed after sometime cause I keep on flash at them wtf.
I even "took" pictures for the stranger like motorcyclist = =
There is a time when I flash at princy in the car and he got terrified cause he thought it was a speed trap = = why my princy so cute like that.

I think princy really got annoyed. lalallala~

I'm LoVin IT~~balabaababa~~
Happy child.

Friday, August 15, 2008


I'm emo again wtf.
My final exam is around the corner and I got 6 Subjects to handle this sem T___T

3 more weeks.

I'm now looking at my 6 different subject's notes and I don't know which to start. I think I need to flip the coin wtf. Eh no, I got 6 subj and the coin only have 2 choice lar wtf.
Maybe I should just start all together?T_____T

Emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dusun trip

Yesssssshhhhh! Its the second visit since the 365 days!! *click* *click part 2*

wow...I read back the post again, the sweet memories flash back...and...*shy* thats the day lar...aiyo...that day lar wtf..ok,sorry. Thats the day me and my princy met...aww~~~
*shy shy super shy that type wtf*

ok, enough of the aww thing. Pictures lar. Lazy bah....hohoho~

(WARNING: Proceed only if you really comfortable with our vain pics >.<)

Now, where should I start...hmmp...oklar, lets jump to "on the way to dusun".

On the way to dusun wtf =__=

Rocky rocky road

OH, oh forget to introduce the member of the dusun trip lar aiyo.

The gals

new member joining us this year wtf like we organize a lot of time.
Crystal from UK, and eventually thats my first day met her too^.^
She is really nice and likes to talk alot! She can just suit in any topic you talk on.
I mean, any topic @.@

The guys


Remember the climb climb thing I've mention last time?

Yup, princy did the same thing again. same pose some more!

totally same = =

and we started pucking picking the mangosteen. everyone get busy busier buzzy.
Like buzz buzz wtf.

spot princy?:D

er.....I'm busy too. busy....looking around>.<
holding fan some more

and I got punished T_____T


Amoi actually doing nothing also lor I tell you.
Only snapping pictures lo...I need to put small front, if not..later she trow me dunu where again >.<
and she very " smart", ask me take photo of her pretending busy like that wtf.

so, Amoi also got work wtf.

the EVIDENT wor~ *cough cough*

the fresh mangosteen

continue to work


Them : EHEMM!!~~!!

Me: "???!!!!!!!!!! O___O"


" Sorry sorry, I cant stop myself from eating >.< "

and I got punished to puck the fruit forever

nolar, kidding.

but I did puck the mangosteen myself using that tool I'm holding O.o
and..and..I did intend to climb the tree but fail.yes fail wtf.

No pictures after that lar cause too tired and exhausted.
The sun like us too much wtf I almost got roasted. ok don't puke.

Back to the diamond banglow

Me riding on princy. very sweet like that

Later princy come and told me that he cant stand straight and he don't know why wtf.
I better get serious on my diet issue.

The harvest:

Oh, the pineapple is humongous big big biggie big!!

even bigger than my princy's head o____O

found a smallie small smally durian too!

like the size of Amoi's private

Size of my booby o.O No?!

The moment of durian~~~~:

Everyone having roxxxx face!
Goes like mmmmmm~~~ then aaaahhhh~

This pics roxx max lar.

Princy like very concentrate in posing with the durian and Amoi like berkorbar-korbar finish the durian in once before princy notice!!

Head back KL around dinner time.
and we have our seafood dinner!!

they hang the umbrella like the ella ella eh eh under my umbrella~~

Caught the couple fighting,hahaha...why am I so evil = =


lai lai lai~~(come come come)
Try and guess who win bah.

ok fine, I wont say is who cause I don't want to end up like ken wtf.
Ops!! Am I obvious or what?



Pretend to be cute. but fail.

Princy: come come take me pic

Princy: me Princydurian macho men I-o-I

Ken: Nah~~fail lar, here here...see me

Ken: Jeng Jeng~ Ken-man. O-/

Princy: Cheh, easy peasie~ Jeng Jeng durian-man. O-/

Ken: \-O


Why our boyfriend so.....MEN meh. T________T

Errr....better skip to our food.

Nah~ the only picture taken for the food cause.....
Hungry bah. tee-hee ^.^