Saturday, September 27, 2008

Back Home.








The more exciting and joyful thing is that, I'm going to meet my family tomorrow!! yay~ (they come here for holiday and decide to pack me back wtf but also yay~)
I'm going back back BACK. With the same exact flight v^.^v

No sitting alone in flight. No waiting alone in the boarding room. No upset alone due to the tragedy(wtf?) change of the flight time. No need worry for the luggage when you need emergentcy like *ehem*...go washroom. No eating McD alone (no need me pay also T-hee :D)

and I'm going to leave my princy behind T__T
Nebermind lar, will miss him more. Make him flu wtf.
(neh, ppl say if you miss that someone then that someone will sneeze like 3 times?so if I miss him alot like beach sand wtf then he will sneeze till got flu =____= eh why am I like this?)

*pack pack pack*

Wednesday, September 24, 2008



Day 3:

Wake up at noon again. Great. I think.
Nothing to eat in the fridge. I hungry T___T. Say NO to maggie please. Very. very irritating.
Wonder should order pizza delivery or dominos. Yum.
Few sets of drama in my Pc, thinking which to start. first. or maybe all together?No,wait. PB and GG. Eh, Heroes out too. Now, I sound busy. yay~~ (boo Orz)

Amoi is a liar. She say will go sing k in this few days. Still, not getting any call from her yet. T__T ya, only 2 of us, the leftover. (double boo:/) our kaki already grad what to do.
Fyi, we used to sing on every wednesday. The "sing-k" day. you know~
And the leftover one. never step in the BOX for the whole sem after the kaki left. WHOLE SEM.

Are we changed or we are changed?

One thing for sure I know, my fats never change wtf *stare away*

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Random shits

Finished my last paper for this sem~!!!(hope no supp) *cross finger*(help me cross also lar)
6 subj fuuh~~~~~~~~~~I'm so gengsss (powerful wtf)


I'm home and 3 hour had passed. and I don't know what to do now =____=
Study too much over past few weeks, everyday doing notes, read notes, do calculation, memorize some of the terms, open/close accounts, find out the tax incentives and bla bla bla.

I can now talk/write business.

From corporate business to rules and regulation to financing to issues to inventory control to tax incentives to international exchange risk to....fuuh. I cant believe myself neither!*pats myself*
But yeah..I've got nothing to do now...isn't that great?T___T then why am I crying.

Too bored thats it! (sorry ar, I'm too happy actually T.T, well. maybe.)

Drama finished watch d lar. me so gengs still can schedule some time for drama during exam wtf.
Watched MR(moonlight resonance) epi37 just now, omg MahMah (grandma in Cantonese) die!!!!!!! I'm so geram(pissed) with Yang Hong (second wife@mushroom head) damn it feel like slapping her and eat her mushroom head. Four more epi to end the season.
Sigh I've mix feeling cause I love this drama but at the same time I want to see the ending. I know the ending sure good wan (from the title itself- Ga Hou Yut Yun, means everything is perfect like that) just wonder how it ends good.

Eh, I just realise I overused the brackets form in this post. So annoyed. Like one of the cheesie post wtf. No offense and no no, not copying her. Coincidence ok. Sorry chessie.

Lets talk about online buys la since everyone heats on the topic. By the way, who wants to read the long boring post claiming herself study so much and finish her dramas keep saying own self very gengss like that. I bet no one.

So, recently I've serve online( still can spare some times for blog hopping, facebook, online shopping...O.o) and bought some shits. Say I'm a spender thank you.

Bikini set for only RM15!!

Random white-T for school purpose
(but too small for me,sigh)
Who wants to buy from me ar?
only RM 18.

Kimono dress

Look at the detail!

Lovely hem

Nice <33
(eh, don't look at the wrong place arh!)

High-waist skirt

Can wear for formal class like stupid Monday

Or become a dress!!
I'm so clever :))

Kindda addicted to buy online junk now cause all I need is just click click click and the goods will arrive at your door like *poof* wtf. Even the payment also done online!! So convenience and I'm so poor now haih.


Yay I'm going out now!
Princy called and save my life wtf.
[can shop without clicking now!tee-hee :)))) ]

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Never too late to say ...


Its merely a month that I wanted to post this. XD
Just gotten the pictures and having some time to spare on the blog. Sigh, my life is getting short.

I'm gonna post for my bday celebration.

I had my pre-pre-pre-bday celebration with Kein kok@Baba, Dylan and Amoi. On Friday like 22 Aug?Thats why I say pre-pre-pre-pre. Fyi the actual bday is on 26 aug.
Actually it suppose to be a gathering but end up like gathering-convo-bday-celebration lol. We went to this Chinese restaurant in 1U.

and order their famous egg tart.


Damn crisply nice!!

With baba. wearing couple shirt lolz.
See how nice the tart is?I cant resist it XD

On sat (23 aug) having another pre-pre-celebration with Sheeren@Urine and other bunch of princy's friend. Kinda weird of mixing up my friend and his. Oh well, friend+friend= friends :)))
Went to Cave Cafe near SS2 or OUG? Ish, pardon me. I still not familiar with Kl roads. @.@
Its really a great caving place. yes.Caving.

Inside the cave!!

Cave counter?

I really cant find a suitable phrase to express this.
cave+classy = weird

Love max!

even the restroom

The guys:
(notice Amoi@nelly's expression)


Amoi: I really don't und Why ken likes 0I0

Showing balls.
(Inside joke)

Sheeren never change her favored drink. Tea.
She will always. I mean always order TEA instead of other drink.

I also don't know why.

Salmon-Don't-know-what-name dish.
Must try this. very very very nice.
*saliva dropping*
Goes like mmmmmmmmmm~~~~

Only me eat >.<

Don't ask me why also.

My bday cake lolz.
This chocolate-don't-know-what pudding cake very nice wei. strongly recommend on this.
aiyo everything also nice lar trust me.

See my fat tummy also know how delicious it was.

Fat fat fat fat fat fat


Princy will still love me *comforting myself*

Oh well.

Maybe forced to love

Sun (24 aug)
Tony Romas pre-celebration with princy. Why? A working freak need to OT on my bday itself.
Sad case. But it just a "oh-you-grow-older celebration" right? Right.
Celebrate for Olympic closing ceremony too. LOL.

Princy's chicken BBq

My chicken BBq+Steak
I've made a mistake ordering the steak for well-done.

Dry like hell.

After dinner met up Vege-lissa at the Chillies. Chill chill.
No pictures for that as we concentrate on the plasma TV. Continue watching the closing ceremony there. What to do. LOL too supportive.

Then on the Mon night.
Unexpected appearing of Princy holding a cutie-little cake when the clock strike 12.
With his working cloths on, Omg that was so touch!!
Thats why I love my princy so much, never let me be alone. Muakss~~
OKok come back.

On the Day. (at last)
Going class like any other day. Didn't expect anyone in my class knows about the Big day. well. I'm wrong. Before the class starts, a sudden blackout (actually they switch off the light wtf) Bday song+ a cake. OMG!!
Another biggie big big surprise. Really speechless. Touch the heaven.

ignore my round face

"To princess Diana"

Moo Moo some more <33

with my gals

Lovin it.

oh oh, they got me 2 writing greeting-note-card.

One from the "Boys" and one from the "Girls"

Thank You guys
*big wet eyes*

Its like a marathon celebration :))))
Getting lots of greeting and wishes from friends or even stranger.
This shows I actually do have lots of friends. and they cares.
I'm so appreciate that. again, Thank you.*big wet wet eyes*

OH, I and another post celebration with my sista in the coming month when I'm back to my hometown. ^.^v
It that how people say: never too late, as long as you got the hearts.
cause every day is bday!!

means can I still wish for a bday present??
I want a camera T__T

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Update: Just realise that this is not my 100 post boo:/ and I'm not happy nowT.T cause I'm sad wtf. my exam sucks and killing me softly~~~ tomorrow still got my tax aaaaaa how ar so sad.

This is my 100 post!!yay~~

So I'm gonna post a Happy one!!

*Cough cough*
(clearing throut)

VEGE-MELISSA is going to get married end of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG omg omg Omg OMg OMGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy like I'm the one who is going to get married that kind of happy wtf!

FYI, Vege-melissa is one of my sista/bestie friend/buddy/vege/amoi/ji mui/jie mei/soul mates/1 of the 7 /whatever-la-its-my-10+old friend.
and she is the first to get married!!! eh no, vege-ting is the I'm confuse.
vege-ting had registered as a married couple but not having the wedding dinner YET. So erm is this count?

All I want to say is omg I need to keep fit = = cause my sis (real one) is going to get married end of the year also. and I'm the bridesmate =____________= so no matter how also need to cut my weight cause I scare I cant fit in the grooms damn. or they though we are celebrating "dumpling day" again wtf. Get what I mean ar?aiya nebermind.

Oh oh actually I just finish half of my paper means 3 more to goes. so far still good I think.
Hopefully I can make it for another 3.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA so happy cant study. wtf.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Update: T.T I'm still stuck with my account double entries wtf. I want to sleep so much but no time no time no time who willing derma some for me~~~sob T________T Its 2am and my brain still debit credit debit credit =_=

Weekend is coming I'm freaking scare!
Mention several times that my horrible final exam will starts next Tues!!


My preparation for account was like half-pail water inside eh.
Next week will have 2 theory paper and 1 @#%%$ account paper.
I keep thinking my account paper comes first and I keep doing those double entry and balance sheet those figure debit credit debit credit @.@ until this afternoon I double check the timetable (countdown bah) WTF I realize that my theory paper comes first!!! 3 more days to memorize??!

I'm so clever =________=

Sigh, my life has no color. oklar, black and white. T______________T


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gossip Girls season2 is out!!

OMG omg omg omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!

HOW how how HOW how HOW HOW how how how

so as prison break!


Heroes will be next week.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time do flies

Less than a week to my final.Duh...

I missed lots of fun like ump National Day?oh...Happy National Day~~ = = who cares anyway.
For me, its a Fireworks-day. XD
I didn't join the fun this year,so no fireworks. But still enjoy though, with princy's bunch of guys. Drinking-joking-eating-joking-drinking.

Wanted to post bout my birthday thingy but no pictures with me >.< my bithday wish didn't come true eh, I wish for a camera lar T___________T why.

Yesterday, 1 sep is our very first,satu,one,ichi year anniversary.
No celebration,no dinner,no present but only me and him. I love his plan.
No,I wont post bout it and only keep it as my secret. ;))))

Too much outing lately and no time for my study. I feel some kind of guilt. >.<
Need to catch up for the neglated one. 3 more to go I guess.

Oh ya,I met Lee Chun Wei (hope I spell his name correctly) the Malaysia badminton guy while I was shopping with princy at Midvally on sunday. No photo to prove lar. Give me a camera lar T_____________T

Haiya, I want more time please. *praying*
Study study study...zzz