Friday, September 5, 2008


Update: T.T I'm still stuck with my account double entries wtf. I want to sleep so much but no time no time no time who willing derma some for me~~~sob T________T Its 2am and my brain still debit credit debit credit =_=

Weekend is coming I'm freaking scare!
Mention several times that my horrible final exam will starts next Tues!!


My preparation for account was like half-pail water inside eh.
Next week will have 2 theory paper and 1 @#%%$ account paper.
I keep thinking my account paper comes first and I keep doing those double entry and balance sheet those figure debit credit debit credit @.@ until this afternoon I double check the timetable (countdown bah) WTF I realize that my theory paper comes first!!! 3 more days to memorize??!

I'm so clever =________=

Sigh, my life has no color. oklar, black and white. T______________T


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