Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Never too late to say ...


Its merely a month that I wanted to post this. XD
Just gotten the pictures and having some time to spare on the blog. Sigh, my life is getting short.

I'm gonna post for my bday celebration.

I had my pre-pre-pre-bday celebration with Kein kok@Baba, Dylan and Amoi. On Friday like 22 Aug?Thats why I say pre-pre-pre-pre. Fyi the actual bday is on 26 aug.
Actually it suppose to be a gathering but end up like gathering-convo-bday-celebration lol. We went to this Chinese restaurant in 1U.

and order their famous egg tart.


Damn crisply nice!!

With baba. wearing couple shirt lolz.
See how nice the tart is?I cant resist it XD

On sat (23 aug) having another pre-pre-celebration with Sheeren@Urine and other bunch of princy's friend. Kinda weird of mixing up my friend and his. Oh well, friend+friend= friends :)))
Went to Cave Cafe near SS2 or OUG? Ish, pardon me. I still not familiar with Kl roads. @.@
Its really a great caving place. yes.Caving.

Inside the cave!!

Cave counter?

I really cant find a suitable phrase to express this.
cave+classy = weird

Love max!

even the restroom

The guys:
(notice Amoi@nelly's expression)


Amoi: I really don't und Why ken likes 0I0

Showing balls.
(Inside joke)

Sheeren never change her favored drink. Tea.
She will always. I mean always order TEA instead of other drink.

I also don't know why.

Salmon-Don't-know-what-name dish.
Must try this. very very very nice.
*saliva dropping*
Goes like mmmmmmmmmm~~~~

Only me eat >.<

Don't ask me why also.

My bday cake lolz.
This chocolate-don't-know-what pudding cake very nice wei. strongly recommend on this.
aiyo everything also nice lar trust me.

See my fat tummy also know how delicious it was.

Fat fat fat fat fat fat


Princy will still love me *comforting myself*

Oh well.

Maybe forced to love

Sun (24 aug)
Tony Romas pre-celebration with princy. Why? A working freak need to OT on my bday itself.
Sad case. But it just a "oh-you-grow-older celebration" right? Right.
Celebrate for Olympic closing ceremony too. LOL.

Princy's chicken BBq

My chicken BBq+Steak
I've made a mistake ordering the steak for well-done.

Dry like hell.

After dinner met up Vege-lissa at the Chillies. Chill chill.
No pictures for that as we concentrate on the plasma TV. Continue watching the closing ceremony there. What to do. LOL too supportive.

Then on the Mon night.
Unexpected appearing of Princy holding a cutie-little cake when the clock strike 12.
With his working cloths on, Omg that was so touch!!
Thats why I love my princy so much, never let me be alone. Muakss~~
OKok come back.

On the Day. (at last)
Going class like any other day. Didn't expect anyone in my class knows about the Big day. well. I'm wrong. Before the class starts, a sudden blackout (actually they switch off the light wtf) Bday song+ a cake. OMG!!
Another biggie big big surprise. Really speechless. Touch the heaven.

ignore my round face

"To princess Diana"

Moo Moo some more <33

with my gals

Lovin it.

oh oh, they got me 2 writing greeting-note-card.

One from the "Boys" and one from the "Girls"

Thank You guys
*big wet eyes*

Its like a marathon celebration :))))
Getting lots of greeting and wishes from friends or even stranger.
This shows I actually do have lots of friends. and they cares.
I'm so appreciate that. again, Thank you.*big wet wet eyes*

OH, I and another post celebration with my sista in the coming month when I'm back to my hometown. ^.^v
It that how people say: never too late, as long as you got the hearts.
cause every day is bday!!

means can I still wish for a bday present??
I want a camera T__T


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