Monday, April 28, 2008

The Top3!!


and the very first thing I do after my exam is blog this MDG post wtf.
I know I know I keep blog about it and what so different of posting another one and I'm already way too late since its Monday today and the finale is tomorrow at ONE UTAMA I know. Don't care I want to post wtf. It might be my last chance to blog about MDG so I want to give it a try.

I say Might be the last post because after 2 months of watching this show (even stayed till 4am to wait the episode load) If Cindy gets the title of First Malaysian Dreamgirl tomorrow then I will never ever want to watch this show ever. Crossing my finger and pray damn hard now.

I may be bias or something but I'm just telling what I feel about it. If you really do follow the show you will know who actually does put the effort, who really qualify as a model and who really take this title MDG seriously. As I mention in previous post that I really like Valerie and Fiqa but both voted out after the week I post it wtf. Damn sad lo. And then when I started to feel Jay could be my favorite although she look like HE wtf but she really talented. And she voted out last week. Why like tat?

See here.
Check out episode 16 part 6 & 7. (latest)
Shoooot! Cindy open her mouth to Adeline this time.

Say so much I still haven't say who are the Top 3 wtf.


Adeline, Cindy, Hanis - Finale 3

The couture Batik photoshoot last week its my favorite shoot as the colors are played so wonderful- gorgeous batik dresses, professional hair and makeup, and the flora themed graphic design. I should take art wtf.

1. Adeline

vote ADELINE, sms DREAM 01 to 33001

Adeline@ ying ying (Hanis used to call her like that,cute can!) she is known for her Ingerishh. She even cant differentiate he or she when is actually HE (Jimmy) she wants to talk about.
Anyway I'm not going to emphasize on that since this is a model search not English teacher search or something.

She has the same expression in every photoshoot she had- grumpy old man look. Ugly. Doesn't impress me much and I don't think she improve in her facial expression. Other than that I think she is good. Her smile is very sweet like that.

Her couture batik shoot is likable but a bit weird as no right arm. I prefer black allure shoot on the right but still fail to give a good expression.
But her Escada ad! She did a great job in that commercial shoot, her smile and all that. Plus the acting challenge, I think she actually can act more than pose!

2. Cindy

vote CINDY, sms DREAM 03 to 33001 (no need la, her dad will vote)

Um, can I skip her? I really don't feel like commenting on her la, if I do, it will be very very very long lo. Sigh because of the prize oklar I try make it short. Forgive me if I sound like a bitch after this. The bitch ascent mah~ you knneeooww.


(try so hard not to focus on her bitchiness)


Omfg I don't even know what to start on her!

She um ok, start from what I like.........(trying hard)..........her dad's money I guess. wtf.
I did, yes I swear I ever, once I like her. That's BEFORE she join MDG. Read her blog somtimes ago until her true color shown in the show, and then stop.
No I don't want to link her blog here since she mention her blog is actually for her to earn money wtf. *evil grin* Yes, she blame her brother for blocking her "reader" to read her blog weeks ago and claim that if he block the blog then she cant earn with no reader views it. you knoeeww~
So now her blog is unblock again wtf.

See I still fail to talk bout her good. Sorry Cindy I've tried my best.

Jeng jeng jeng...come to the drama of the week.
She turn her back to Adeline this time!
Poor Ying Ying~ She say YY is stabbing her back?

Like this, she say YY avoid her after every interview and even the acting challenge (latest epi). She then said YY friend back to her when she tell YY she will want to give her a birthday celebration or party wtf. And bout the tomato incident, she said YY actually ate the tomato too but she pretend nothing happened. =.=

Ha, suddenly can connect this with what she mention earlier that a friend will turn your back and stabbed you. I'm pretty sure she is talking about Adeline now. Drama drama! Juicy can.

Bout her photo, ugly can. Lifeless. As you can see she just stood there in the couture batik shoot and only photoshop does the effect for her picture. And this black allure shoot, she say she learn to smile with her eye (like tyra meh). Um...sorry I don't see that.
A good thing is, I think this is her best picture so far. No improvement.
Her catwalk? Nah....even worse. Worse than Lauren (ANTM) I can say lo.

The only thing that bring her this far is her dad's money support. or her horny bitchy ascent that did win some votes.

3. Hanis

vote HANIS, sms DREAM 06 to 33001

Datin Hanis Manis =)
A girl that catches my attention after Fiqa sent home. She is very manja,yes. But I cant see any piece of her manja like that in her picture. Can you? and that is professional I guess.
I admired every pictures she took, Gorgeous!
Just that maybe she learn more on the body language like arching, stretching and so on la. Haiya like what ANTM model normally pose la wtf.

I hope to see she win the title tomorrow. I will vote for her.

Wtf damn tired can. zzzzzzz

Friday, April 25, 2008

Will be MIA for another week.
So itchy want to post for MDG and ANTM this two days as the result really do shock me lot! Specially MDG, cheesie was voted out?? Impossible lor as she never be in the bottom 3 but got eliminated?! Seriously I do felt like something fishy going on with the votes thingy. Hmm..
Oh ya, go check out Part4 of the latest episode 15.
A conversation between Cindy and her dad again. Juicy can! I'm sure you totally agree with me she is a FAKER. But the conversation is in mandarine.

As for my exam, 2 paper is done and another 2 left.
Cross my finger and pray that I can do well this time. Very well that type. Ha!

After that will off to Melacca find vege-fenn help her pack and do housework wtf.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The show


I just finis watching American Idiol. Love David so much! Haiya, both David(s) also love. Omg Jason~ love love (faint).

I watched ANTM yesterday.
Anya is everyones favorite and she really shows up among the girls. But but I like Lauren eh, though she is awkward in her walk or maybe personality (she say f.u.c.k a lot), but I love to see the awkwardness that bring her so far. She do improved a lot like 100x more lo. Duh, I know I'm freak.

Gosh, somebody please stop me!!!
Study weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Friday, April 18, 2008


UUhhh!!!Its 430 am now and I'm still awake!

Want to know why?(who cares>.<) But I still want to tell =p

I'm waiting for MDG to load and yeah,the new episode is out but without part4. I wonder why they put up part 5 and 6 but without 4. Technical problem again?Sigh.
Another LATE episode that make us (at least me) waiting for soooooo looooong. Hey its really that long ok you see its 430am! *Double sigh*

But hey! GOOD NEWS eh!!
An unexpected result this week. NO ONE GOT ELIMINATED.
Yes you see what you just saw. Thats why I'm still here to blog. Can't wait to tell lar woohoo~

Eh, part4 just out! um its 445am. Ha!
Can see that I'm kind of stubborn huh. Die die also want to wait for the complete episode.

Okok, let me tell you the bottom three for this week; Adeline, Nadia and Jay.
And Jay had the lowest vote *gasp*

Honestly the latest episode really got me open my mouth many times.
No regret for waiting it=)

Can sleep in peace now. eh choy!

*slap* suppose study for final eh. Damn is friday now, 3 more days.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Sometimes it is really hard to confront certain things to not-so-close friend.
Too soft, they will bully you and step on your head.
Too harsh, they will back stabbed you and started to tell everyone how innocent she was and how devil you are. Sigh~

And it is even hard when it is a money issue. I'm sorry cause money is important to me, I mean it is not THAT important compare to the love ones but still means a lot to me.
I have money doesn't mean that I'm rich or something. I need to work part time (sometime) to earn my own spend instead of asking from my dad. So please stop saying that I'm rich so that you can dig in my pocket and feed into yours.
I know what you did and I just don't want to bring it out ok.

I'm emo now wtf.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Study week starts tomorrow and this really means my final exam is just just just like about one weeks time and I haven't KO any of my subj yet. Gosh~!! *slap slap*

This sem my subj is kind of equal hard as two of it,HR management and E-commerce are theoretical which need my brain to suck in all those theory,definition blah blah and will make my head double size bigger end of the day. -________-

Another two will be calculation, Advance accounting practice and advance taxation. See that "Advance" word??Yes, it means everything that this two subj I've studied before is in advance form this sem and this two subj involves a lot of figure. A lot.

Haih why life so hard here.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Arghh my life is so bored these days. I want to watch drama so bad and really that bad kind of bad but final exam is so near which is 14 days left but my notes are to fat I mean thick to read to pass my time. Arghh I'm so fat and I know I mention this so many time and I stil that fat.
I felt like writing something but I don't know what to blog about. Eh, wait MDG episode 10 is out and that bitch, itu Cindy keep explain for herself and claim that they are the one who are bullying her and she is actually innocent. I really felt like slapping her, of course I wont lar.
Haih my blog is so bored I rather get back to study wtf.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Steamboat !!

Opps...not this.

I mean.. steamboat (food)

with variety of dishes...

which normally comes with 2 kinds of soup, herbal and tomyam.

OKok...i admit those pictures are taken from google image lar.
Cause *ehem* we arrived late at 9 something and quickly get our seats to hunt our FOODs. No time to snap pics lor.
Oh oh, did I mention why we are there?
Its Hong's birthday~ (my housemate). We, 16 of us heading to Sri Kembangan's famous steamboat restaurant to celebrate his big day on 26th March.

Birthday boy and the gals.
(okay,I know I look damn fat and short >.<)

So, we only manage to snap pics AFTER makan.
Pictures pictures enjoy=)

Randomly: [ kind of blur =( ]

From left : Jason, Ivan, Chloe, Liak.

Top: Panther, Hong, May, Ivan, kai jie and Me.

Left: Zhi Wei

Black: Tse

Crazily having this camwhoring section like about 1 hour??Hmm...
Continue to finds out why...

Shorty vs Tally?eh...

Short one (opss)

Tall ones.

Everyone likes to kick him...

Jeslyn and Ivan

Jason and Chloe

Liak and....Me? yea~my bf of the night=p
(I dump princyDurian for a night)

The Perverts

Pervert no1, Tse

Pervert no2, Panther

Pervert no3, Lee

The Death notes's " L"???

"L" jie

"L" Jess..erm...her fans, Panther.


Cheng cheng cheng cheng~





Me and May trying to poss for good.
But then....
Interrupted by this two model wannabe >.<
Teaching us how to poss?! Er..

"Must like this lar"
*wink wink*

Then we tried...

But fail >.<>


It all started by this two gay....!


Then the gays...I mean guys started to target Liak.

*Muakss mUakss*
(but Liak's seems...enjoy huh~)


Boyfriend of the night must kiss one okay!


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Fools

Happy April's Fool!!!

MySpace  Graphics
"Paster : Gotcha~"

Before everyone forgets, today is also the 5th year parting of a famous celebrity, Leslie Cheung.

Do rest in peace gor gor.