Thursday, April 3, 2008

Steamboat !!

Opps...not this.

I mean.. steamboat (food)

with variety of dishes...

which normally comes with 2 kinds of soup, herbal and tomyam.

OKok...i admit those pictures are taken from google image lar.
Cause *ehem* we arrived late at 9 something and quickly get our seats to hunt our FOODs. No time to snap pics lor.
Oh oh, did I mention why we are there?
Its Hong's birthday~ (my housemate). We, 16 of us heading to Sri Kembangan's famous steamboat restaurant to celebrate his big day on 26th March.

Birthday boy and the gals.
(okay,I know I look damn fat and short >.<)

So, we only manage to snap pics AFTER makan.
Pictures pictures enjoy=)

Randomly: [ kind of blur =( ]

From left : Jason, Ivan, Chloe, Liak.

Top: Panther, Hong, May, Ivan, kai jie and Me.

Left: Zhi Wei

Black: Tse

Crazily having this camwhoring section like about 1 hour??Hmm...
Continue to finds out why...

Shorty vs Tally?eh...

Short one (opss)

Tall ones.

Everyone likes to kick him...

Jeslyn and Ivan

Jason and Chloe

Liak and....Me? yea~my bf of the night=p
(I dump princyDurian for a night)

The Perverts

Pervert no1, Tse

Pervert no2, Panther

Pervert no3, Lee

The Death notes's " L"???

"L" jie

"L" Jess..erm...her fans, Panther.


Cheng cheng cheng cheng~





Me and May trying to poss for good.
But then....
Interrupted by this two model wannabe >.<
Teaching us how to poss?! Er..

"Must like this lar"
*wink wink*

Then we tried...

But fail >.<>


It all started by this two gay....!


Then the gays...I mean guys started to target Liak.

*Muakss mUakss*
(but Liak's seems...enjoy huh~)


Boyfriend of the night must kiss one okay!


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