Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Sometimes it is really hard to confront certain things to not-so-close friend.
Too soft, they will bully you and step on your head.
Too harsh, they will back stabbed you and started to tell everyone how innocent she was and how devil you are. Sigh~

And it is even hard when it is a money issue. I'm sorry cause money is important to me, I mean it is not THAT important compare to the love ones but still means a lot to me.
I have money doesn't mean that I'm rich or something. I need to work part time (sometime) to earn my own spend instead of asking from my dad. So please stop saying that I'm rich so that you can dig in my pocket and feed into yours.
I know what you did and I just don't want to bring it out ok.

I'm emo now wtf.

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