Saturday, January 23, 2010

Two 0 One 0

Michiko's New Year Resolution:
  1. Observe, Learn fast, get stronger.
  2. Eat healthy, exercise more!!!
  3. Study on my ACCA papers, get it pass. All.
  4. Work hard on my non-existent abs.
  5. Save more, spent less.
  6. Be patient! get calm.
  7. Exercise!!!!! Reduce my bad cholesterol.
  8. Appreciate the love from people around me more.
  9. Learn and work on my Bahasa and english.
  10. Exercise more More MORE!!!!
Wish list:
  1. Wii
  2. Designer's bag; CHANEL! BURBERRY!
  3. Sunnies, a good one with UV protection.
  4. Shoes, more shoes!!
  5. Working bag.
  6. New bible.
  7. Blackberry/ Iphone
  8. Purse
  9. Cosmetic- MAC
  10. Watches
A year of 2009 just passed like that! poof*
Graduated for my studies and back for good; Moved to new house a new area where I rarely been before but I'm comfortable with it now :); broke up and getting into relationship after half year or more; watching my vege-sista Mel's baby boy-JD grow and not to forget my fat chubby cute little newphew-Darren who now 1yr+ having 12kg's weight!!; registered as ACCA member to further my studies; involved more in church services, am now one of the officer of girl's brigates; brought my man to church and glad that he now a member of Christ:); had my own car, bought my camera and lappie!; working in an audit firm holding a super low and pathetic pay; gaining new friends and losing old one; missing Uni life and amoi and gangs :(

That's some recap I can think of lol!
Anyway, Happy 2010! hope I'm not too late~ CNY's coming soon woot!
Hunger for new year cloths now eh! shoes...bags...SHOPPING!!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Kinda lazy.

but still gonna sort out my new year's resolution.
Big achievement for the "gonna do/ have" list in 2009 :)

Blog bout it then~


Thursday, January 14, 2010

New year~

Hi everybody~

This would be my first post in 2010~!!

ok, that's all. =.=