Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Last last week..

So few weeks ago i was busy for my dance performance..

Group pics:

Then..small kid vs leng lui:

Have a little shopping with Amoi last week..

Our new shoe..say nice please..>.<

On my b'day eve..
We yamcha at [2046]...

Amoi & me

kenneth & me

cute mun & me

Mic & me (yup..he's the one..)

Then then..on my b'day..
we went "Eye of M'sia" celebrate..woot!!!

Very special & memorable b'day for me since the "eye" will be gone at the end of this year..woot!


(yup,i'm holding my BDAY CAKE..ever saw a bday gal holds their own cake all along??
Yea,how good they treated me..hahaha..>.<)

The color change every 2/3 second

Before our turn

In the "eye"

me & Tammy

..Ready ready..


my cake!!!

too bad cant blow my candle inside the cab,
[NO FIRE ALLOWED] sign is there >.<

Obviously we still want more @.@

Okay..since i cant blow my cake up there,so we simply choose a place..really simply no where and we just squad down and they sang b'day song for me..sweet~~
Sweat too!!!..wahhaha, people around passing by will stop 2 second and wonder what we doing there..imagine!!lolx..

Nah,don't care..we just simply!




Sorry..i can't help myself being so high..

*yum yum*

Stops here..tired..will continue tomorrow,i promise..

Sunday, September 2, 2007

i'm vege!!!!

Going to watch the final competition of fireworks at Putrajaya tonight.
Die die..
Waste another day again.