Friday, October 31, 2008


Going off~~


Monday, October 27, 2008

Princy Biggie Day

I've actually done this post for awhile but I kept it as draft :P Getting lazy recently as my VIVA is over. (oh ya, Hapi Deepavali!)
and I'm still sick. T____________T

Back to the topic. 15 Oct is my baby princy Biggie day:)
The surprise has failed. Sort of. Unexpected traffic jam. 2 hours late.
Suppose the friend needed to come earlier to wait there and give the surprises. Who knows the jam make me and princy reach first = =
Oh well. Princy still got a little surprise as he though we are having *cough* candle light dinner :P
Anyway, let the picture do the talking lar, me lazy >.<

Our "passport"

Our foods:

Fyi, the above food pictures shown ONLY include me and Princy's orders. XD


Amoi and Ken

Tammy and Kenzo

Vicky and Vince

The main dish:

"Happy Bday to me~~happy bday to ME~~~"

= =


After dinner, we move to Laundry.
The guys say they want "yamcha". Neh, the red type in the bottle. = =

The gals


Princy got his second cake !
From Laundry. So good eh:)

Happy bday my prince.
Hope you enjoy it~

Saturday, October 25, 2008


My Viva (final year project's presentation) is Tomorrow @.@
ops, is actually TODAY!!

My flu didn't gone like *poof* = = but seems getting better (I hope).
I'm the first presenter for the group tomorrow, I hope nothing goes wrong. *finger cross*

Anyway good luck to me~~~


Hardly getting myself sleep now sigh. Too excited or too worry?
Its now 1:26am @.@ I need to wake up at 8am. *gasp*

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Not ok

Sigh. I gave up on the Chinese herb thing. Really, sucks. I mean yuck!
The Chinese doc did told me to come back for the tea if I still haven't recover...but...but...I just hate the smell and it's really bitter. Sorry doc.

My nose hurt and red which make me look like a clown now. Who cooks wantan mee wtf.
and I hardly breath. I only can use my mouth to breath (abuthen = =)
I've left no choice but to try on the western one this time. So I went Pharmacy and ask for the Flu med.

Looks like Mentos but taste like..erm...Med = =

I'd drank the whole bottle of water JUST to swallow that pill.

I hope this med work for me and I wake up tomorrow the flu gone like *poof* wtf.
Please please please~~~~

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Taggy Tag Tag!

@.@ Got my very first Tag from
Vege-Fab !!!
Let do it~*wink*

1. The tagged victims have to come up with eight different points of his/her perfect lover.
2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time, there’s no need to do this AGAIN.
5. Lastly, most importantly, HAVE. FUN. DOING. IT

Well well well~~perfect guy?Honest speaking, I don't think there will be any guy who is perfect, even my princy. But he is the one I love*winksss* And the gender will be male wtf princy IS.
Eight different point huh...*think*


Prince (huh?)
Oh yes!Of course he needs to be a prince! Like fairy tale mah..princess sure married to prince right?I'm princess Moo *cough* aka princess Diana*cough cough* waits for her prince Durian~~waiting for u~~~I'm waiting for u~~

I think that's the most important thing to hold on a relationship. It ain't call love when there is no faith in each other. Agree? So he need to be a guy that I trust and give me a sense of belonging or safety.

Without this in MY relationship, omg just let me die. Imagine I date with a wood. Or a tree. Let just say I talk to a wall instead. = = I'm a kind of girl who mood swing, serious when pms-ing. I do need my guy to cheer me up or become a punch-bag. XD

What I meant here is care ME. What I feel, what I actually want, what I meant...need...Like now I fall sick *sob sob* he FORCE me see doc and banned me from eating those spicy food and drink more warm water instead cold one T.T (That's princy) Even that will make me frustrated, but I know he cares ^^ and I love this feeling. (ops, I think I started to imagine princy instead of the "dream guy" lol)

Oh great = = princy not this kind of guy.
But I want!! Suprises will be awesome don't you think?mystery jeng jeng~ Romantic dinner, suprise appearance, mystery gift...awww~~
(sigh, too bad princy wont see this, If not he will give me suprise maybe?*slap face wake up*)

I don't know but I want a guy like this. Don't worry, princy got this. Lol. Like wont argue (if) in front of family/friends. I will prefer settle under table wtf.

Cause I'm a spender like that!!kid. But I mean like not too poor lar, not until no money eat lunch or cloths got hole wtf. Average is fine but better if he is rich mah. Education level actualy not important for me as long as he works and earn enough money.

I believe in God and I'm a christian. I do hope my guy will know the truth of the bible and we can pray and sing to praise the lord.

About the appearance...I don't really care bout. Not to mention like retarded those kind lar.

No matter what face he put on, he still my lovely prince

Yeah, I'm done~

Now lets tag tag tag!!
  1. Jian aka Miao
  2. Josantoes
  3. Kaeshih
  4. Rach
  5. Yung
  6. Kimberly
  7. Hao
  8. Fenn
I'm very kind thank you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Don't play play

It isn't a good thing to get sick. Especially at this peak period.
Fyi, I'm having my VIVA@final year presentation this Sat.
And I'm having flu,sore-trout, headache and nearly fever. I'm dead. Like rojak-mix. Cool?

To get myself "fit", my team member (yeah,AMOI i mean you = =)*cough* suggest Me,I,saya,wo drink this super bitter herbal tea. T_______________T and green pills.
It's the hardest thing in my life. Let me die >.<

The pill is super big and long.

And I still haven't swallow it. Neither the herbal tea.
Oh god, give me courage please. *gasp*

Monday, October 13, 2008


Update: Oh I just realise my last post was the 100. *at last*

New sem starts today and it's the final one.
I do hope everything goes well and fine as its the last to go. *praying hard*

Good thing is that..*ehem* all my class in this sem is in noon session!! Mind you, I'm a sleeper :D

Oh well, new sem, new start.
Good luck everyone. *muaks*


First day was great. =.= I think. Finished lecture within an hour (suppose to be 2 hr).
Used an hour to choose the attire for a 40 min class??Great.
Short sem's timetable is pack but short. Only 2 subj to take. Business Ethic and moral. Kinda bored. *yawn*
The only busy time is our VIVA, the final presentation. And it will be on next sat. Fuuh~

Watched "Disaster Movie" last night. It was the worst movie ever watch. Yuck.
Sorry, but true. I now rather spent it for other Malaysian movie. I guess.

Talk about movie, somewhat it does influence the young one. Or maybe only my house punya kid like that. Last week when I was back home.

Nephew: xiao gu, Lu deng lai liao ar?( little aunt, you just reach home?)
Me: Ya *wtf they speak hockean with me??* -fyi, I'm a foochow.
N: Oh...

N: Eh, xiao gu! Lu deng lai liao meh?(eh, lil aunt you already reach home?)
M: Ya lar. Wa baru deng lai bah. ( yes, I just reach home.)
N: oh..okok.

N: Eh, xiao gu lu di xi deng lai eh?jiak ba bueh? (Lil aunt, when u reach home?eaten?)
M: =_= ya ya ya, wa tao xin ga lu gong wa baru deng lai ma!! wa jia ba liao.
( ya, I just told you I come back and already eat.)
N: oh...okok. *pointing head with the finger like "oh, i rmb" that kind of gesture*
M: =____=
N: *giggles*

N: Xiao gu!!! Lu deng lai liao???Jiak ba bueh?? (same like the above)
M: Oooiiii~~!! cho mi xu di di meng wa?wa ga lu gong liao ma!!
(why keep asking me the same quest?I already told you just now what)
N:*laughing* oh oh oh...*pointing head again*
M: *looks familiar like seen somewhere before*

few seconds later...I just recall that was from "money not enough2" the mother keep asking the same question to the eldest son. =____=

So, thinking continue the scene...

M: wa ga lu gong liao ma...wa jiak ba liao jiak ba liao jiak ba liao!! *pull my shirt up like the scene and slap my tummy* wa sibeh sibeh SIBEH ba AHHHH!!!
( I told you, I'd ate. I'd ate. I'd ate!! I'm very damn full)
N&M:*roll on the floor and laugh like hell*


Why ar?
Is my family like that only or not? I'm worry wtf.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Little princess,

Happy B'day~~!! Officially one-year old!*tears*
Too bad I cant be there for the celebration, sure miss lots of fun tonight.T___T
Anyhow, wish my baby little princess-Gladys grows up with full of happiness and in the lead of GOD!!

little auntie^^v

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

*slap face*

Duck my result make me back in Kl now.
Spent only 4 days in hometown. Duck. Rebook another flight back and cost me RM340.

Exam at 2pm.