Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Don't play play

It isn't a good thing to get sick. Especially at this peak period.
Fyi, I'm having my VIVA@final year presentation this Sat.
And I'm having flu,sore-trout, headache and nearly fever. I'm dead. Like rojak-mix. Cool?

To get myself "fit", my team member (yeah,AMOI i mean you = =)*cough* suggest Me,I,saya,wo drink this super bitter herbal tea. T_______________T and green pills.
It's the hardest thing in my life. Let me die >.<

The pill is super big and long.

And I still haven't swallow it. Neither the herbal tea.
Oh god, give me courage please. *gasp*


Mr Hi said...

goodluck loo^^

josantoes said...

take western meds faster la.. fever subside in one day!

michikosia said...

Mr hi: 10s~~

Josantoes: Sigh if can I both oso dun wan lar, I hate med!!