Monday, October 13, 2008


Update: Oh I just realise my last post was the 100. *at last*

New sem starts today and it's the final one.
I do hope everything goes well and fine as its the last to go. *praying hard*

Good thing is that..*ehem* all my class in this sem is in noon session!! Mind you, I'm a sleeper :D

Oh well, new sem, new start.
Good luck everyone. *muaks*


First day was great. =.= I think. Finished lecture within an hour (suppose to be 2 hr).
Used an hour to choose the attire for a 40 min class??Great.
Short sem's timetable is pack but short. Only 2 subj to take. Business Ethic and moral. Kinda bored. *yawn*
The only busy time is our VIVA, the final presentation. And it will be on next sat. Fuuh~

Watched "Disaster Movie" last night. It was the worst movie ever watch. Yuck.
Sorry, but true. I now rather spent it for other Malaysian movie. I guess.

Talk about movie, somewhat it does influence the young one. Or maybe only my house punya kid like that. Last week when I was back home.

Nephew: xiao gu, Lu deng lai liao ar?( little aunt, you just reach home?)
Me: Ya *wtf they speak hockean with me??* -fyi, I'm a foochow.
N: Oh...

N: Eh, xiao gu! Lu deng lai liao meh?(eh, lil aunt you already reach home?)
M: Ya lar. Wa baru deng lai bah. ( yes, I just reach home.)
N: oh..okok.

N: Eh, xiao gu lu di xi deng lai eh?jiak ba bueh? (Lil aunt, when u reach home?eaten?)
M: =_= ya ya ya, wa tao xin ga lu gong wa baru deng lai ma!! wa jia ba liao.
( ya, I just told you I come back and already eat.)
N: oh...okok. *pointing head with the finger like "oh, i rmb" that kind of gesture*
M: =____=
N: *giggles*

N: Xiao gu!!! Lu deng lai liao???Jiak ba bueh?? (same like the above)
M: Oooiiii~~!! cho mi xu di di meng wa?wa ga lu gong liao ma!!
(why keep asking me the same quest?I already told you just now what)
N:*laughing* oh oh oh...*pointing head again*
M: *looks familiar like seen somewhere before*

few seconds later...I just recall that was from "money not enough2" the mother keep asking the same question to the eldest son. =____=

So, thinking continue the scene...

M: wa ga lu gong liao ma...wa jiak ba liao jiak ba liao jiak ba liao!! *pull my shirt up like the scene and slap my tummy* wa sibeh sibeh SIBEH ba AHHHH!!!
( I told you, I'd ate. I'd ate. I'd ate!! I'm very damn full)
N&M:*roll on the floor and laugh like hell*


Why ar?
Is my family like that only or not? I'm worry wtf.


Johnny Ong said...

afternoon class is really not easy to tahan

michikosia said...

but i prefer afternoon class cuz i tend to slep late...tee-hee:P