Monday, October 27, 2008

Princy Biggie Day

I've actually done this post for awhile but I kept it as draft :P Getting lazy recently as my VIVA is over. (oh ya, Hapi Deepavali!)
and I'm still sick. T____________T

Back to the topic. 15 Oct is my baby princy Biggie day:)
The surprise has failed. Sort of. Unexpected traffic jam. 2 hours late.
Suppose the friend needed to come earlier to wait there and give the surprises. Who knows the jam make me and princy reach first = =
Oh well. Princy still got a little surprise as he though we are having *cough* candle light dinner :P
Anyway, let the picture do the talking lar, me lazy >.<

Our "passport"

Our foods:

Fyi, the above food pictures shown ONLY include me and Princy's orders. XD


Amoi and Ken

Tammy and Kenzo

Vicky and Vince

The main dish:

"Happy Bday to me~~happy bday to ME~~~"

= =


After dinner, we move to Laundry.
The guys say they want "yamcha". Neh, the red type in the bottle. = =

The gals


Princy got his second cake !
From Laundry. So good eh:)

Happy bday my prince.
Hope you enjoy it~


Fishymoonie said...

Is that a green tea cake ? Looks delicious. XD happy birthday to your princy!

michikosia said...

hi fishymoonie~10s for dropping by.
yup,tats green tea cake,very nice!!