Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Not ok

Sigh. I gave up on the Chinese herb thing. Really, sucks. I mean yuck!
The Chinese doc did told me to come back for the tea if I still haven't recover...but...but...I just hate the smell and it's really bitter. Sorry doc.

My nose hurt and red which make me look like a clown now. Who cooks wantan mee wtf.
and I hardly breath. I only can use my mouth to breath (abuthen = =)
I've left no choice but to try on the western one this time. So I went Pharmacy and ask for the Flu med.

Looks like Mentos but taste like..erm...Med = =

I'd drank the whole bottle of water JUST to swallow that pill.

I hope this med work for me and I wake up tomorrow the flu gone like *poof* wtf.
Please please please~~~~


josantoes said...

i know what is that. it's like mentos. It's clarinase cost around RM13. Hehe, don't overdose ah, you will have tremor wei.

michikosia said...

No wonder lo..oso make me fel dizzy and slepy.But oni cost me RM 11 hehe..