Thursday, January 31, 2008


The weather is killing me!!!!I'm so so so so so sick now~
Shopping shopping shopping!!!!!

Sorry, I know the above two sentence are not connected.Grr...forgive me, I'm sick >.<

Monday, January 28, 2008

To my dearly old friend Kenny,

Rest in peace under the hand of GOD, and we will always miss you.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Week 2

Its second week of my new sem.

Time passed so fast and I'm hardly catch up their steps.
Tons of assignment and presentation need to get it done. Sigh~
I've started to get back my normal daily life as my class is all in the morning!!UHH~Thanks to UTAR.

Its going to be a busy sem~

Monday, January 14, 2008


My result has release today and I'm pass^^
So damn extremely super duper absolutely tremendously HAPPY~lalala....
I've got a new banner!!
Thanks to Jian the miao~haha...
"moo moo moo mooooo!!!!" (Thank you very muchhhh!!!!)
I love the design very much!Its pinky and cute~^^like me..tee-hee!! (shame-less)

Okay, stop self-excitement here...lalala~

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I'm a Christian!!

Its kind of shame when people actually doesn't know I'm a Christian.
Does this means that I doesn't "seen" like one of them??
Oh well...maybe.
Its been months I never steps into the church since I've to work during weekends.
Haih~ Not enough money to spend, what to do...>.< (Yeew!!! What a lame excuse)

I know I shouldn't be like this, so...
Its brand new year what, let me had a brand new start!!
I know GOD will always welcome me back whenever I'm Lost.
HE wont leave me alone^^

As for the new year resolution, I'd like to..
  • Pass all my paper
  • Slim down (I din't cross my fingers!)
  • Buy a camera or maybe RECEIVE one^^
  • Buy a web cam
  • Graduate on time
  • Learn to use photoshop and create own header
  • Closer to GOD and so as my family & friends
  • Still very vege with the Veges and hope 7 of us have our own fruit^^
I think basically....thats all.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Pictures of New year eve

Just remember I haven't uploaded the pictures that taken during new year eve^^
And I still haven't receive pictures of Christmas BBQ eve and Rokuzen night from Amoi.

Never mind...soon soon.
So, we went Poppy club again.
Reach there at 1156pm (still remember huh!)
Then decided to stand at the car park and waiting for the fireworks since its near to KLCC.

*KLCC is one of the place that having fireworks.

While waiting...

*With camera standby





We do "heard" the fireworks...but...
We've missed it. >.<

And suddenly...

Look at the crowds!!!!

A shock scene that I've ever seen...
People suddenly come out from no where and just anywhere to search for the fireworks...

And I started to wonder, how many people actually in M'sia??

Nelly and I

Turnip vs Durian

(Left to right) Kz, Tammy, Vince, Me, Michael

Nelly + Tammy

Tammy + Me

3 of us

The Galss
Opss..and a Guy^^

Lots of people in Poppy and we hardly can dance.
We started to see people getting drunk after some time...
Included us!! Haha..

Nelson with his drunk-cool pose

Me with....KZ???
Oh no!!!

Not only me i guess>.<

Okay okay
The correct one...
Mich + Mic

Everyone started to kiss around>.< .......

The guys

Not for this couple maybe??

*No more pics as everyone is drunk*

Friday, January 4, 2008

So lazy to edit photo lar>.<
The main reason is because I'm so fade up of myself being so fat..
Hate to cheat myself by edit those photo~
Guess what,my princyDurian can actually drop my pants when he try on it!!!
His waist is smaller than mine.
What a shame!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~

Hmmm...tomorrow start working for SENSODYNE again and for the rest 4 weeks.
Went to the training yesterday,so damn bored and wanted to vomit>.<
Had attend 3rd time for SENSODYNE training.
Everything is still the same, and I wonder why I still need to come.
Going to "pack" myself to Amoi's house this 2 days.
LAzy work ahh, but no choice...I need MONEY!!$_$