Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I'm a Christian!!

Its kind of shame when people actually doesn't know I'm a Christian.
Does this means that I doesn't "seen" like one of them??
Oh well...maybe.
Its been months I never steps into the church since I've to work during weekends.
Haih~ Not enough money to spend, what to do...>.< (Yeew!!! What a lame excuse)

I know I shouldn't be like this, so...
Its brand new year what, let me had a brand new start!!
I know GOD will always welcome me back whenever I'm Lost.
HE wont leave me alone^^

As for the new year resolution, I'd like to..
  • Pass all my paper
  • Slim down (I din't cross my fingers!)
  • Buy a camera or maybe RECEIVE one^^
  • Buy a web cam
  • Graduate on time
  • Learn to use photoshop and create own header
  • Closer to GOD and so as my family & friends
  • Still very vege with the Veges and hope 7 of us have our own fruit^^
I think basically....thats all.


may said...

teach me when u know how use photoshop o

CresceNet said...

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Alvin said...

wa... yes, i never thought u were a christian as well. kinda sad, but i know tat u believe in ur heart that He lives in you. it's only 16 more days! 16 more days! shhh~