Friday, January 4, 2008

So lazy to edit photo lar>.<
The main reason is because I'm so fade up of myself being so fat..
Hate to cheat myself by edit those photo~
Guess what,my princyDurian can actually drop my pants when he try on it!!!
His waist is smaller than mine.
What a shame!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~

Hmmm...tomorrow start working for SENSODYNE again and for the rest 4 weeks.
Went to the training yesterday,so damn bored and wanted to vomit>.<
Had attend 3rd time for SENSODYNE training.
Everything is still the same, and I wonder why I still need to come.
Going to "pack" myself to Amoi's house this 2 days.
LAzy work ahh, but no choice...I need MONEY!!$_$


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