Saturday, February 21, 2009

I am sick.

Been a week or more I went to see the doctor twice. Food poisoning for one and flu for another.
I aint see any weight loss for this. why???
sigh...and the worse thing is that I spent my valentine at home or to be exact, in the washroom!
Diarrhea vomiting was how I pass my day.
Lucky enough if to think that princy is not here, or else I will spoil the day. Exactly.

BUT....surprisingly I got flowers for princy!!! Awwww~~~~
And the delivery girl is Mel. hohoho long story on that. But to make it short, her aunt is a florist.
Sweet sweet sweet!!!!
and and and I can claim my pressie during March~~~lalalala

Oh ya, fyi I will fly to KL during March for my convo.
*scratch head* but I haven't got anything for princy yet. how how how.
Thinking of a wallet. or perfume. or shirt. or hmmmm....ME?hahahhaa...crap.

Neways, work for the 3rd week and everything seems fine.
Next week gonna get my very fresh money. HOHO. Frrrrreeeeshhhhhh yeah.
Mom so evil that she reserves the spent at Holiday-Inn for high-tea = =''''
And my phone is die-ing. Oh gosh. Need to get a new one and I'm eye-ing for C903.

Duh, need to get a list for the needs and wants.
I can sense that my first pay will spent like poof! and suffer for the rest of the month.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Snakie time

writing this right after my lunch time. HOHO!

Got myself food poison 3 days ago. I swear this is not a good thing.
and it definitly not helping any of my diet plan. >.<

Alright, my manager is checking on me. gosh! gtg

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Oh great.

Call me OL now. er....
Still happy with my current job, and great news is that my colleague are friendly and being very nice and willing to teach a dumb like me V= =V

SO yeah, gambate for me!!