Saturday, February 21, 2009

I am sick.

Been a week or more I went to see the doctor twice. Food poisoning for one and flu for another.
I aint see any weight loss for this. why???
sigh...and the worse thing is that I spent my valentine at home or to be exact, in the washroom!
Diarrhea vomiting was how I pass my day.
Lucky enough if to think that princy is not here, or else I will spoil the day. Exactly.

BUT....surprisingly I got flowers for princy!!! Awwww~~~~
And the delivery girl is Mel. hohoho long story on that. But to make it short, her aunt is a florist.
Sweet sweet sweet!!!!
and and and I can claim my pressie during March~~~lalalala

Oh ya, fyi I will fly to KL during March for my convo.
*scratch head* but I haven't got anything for princy yet. how how how.
Thinking of a wallet. or perfume. or shirt. or hmmmm....ME?hahahhaa...crap.

Neways, work for the 3rd week and everything seems fine.
Next week gonna get my very fresh money. HOHO. Frrrrreeeeshhhhhh yeah.
Mom so evil that she reserves the spent at Holiday-Inn for high-tea = =''''
And my phone is die-ing. Oh gosh. Need to get a new one and I'm eye-ing for C903.

Duh, need to get a list for the needs and wants.
I can sense that my first pay will spent like poof! and suffer for the rest of the month.

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