Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quote of the day:

A person with outward courage dares to die.
A person with inward courage dares to live.

-Lao Tzu

Kiss the sunshine

Not so sure why I put that as my headline. Just lah!

Went to Pyramid with princy on the weekend. and I feel so Christmas already.
Jingle bell jingle bell~~
The old-wing was decorated with red-colored Christmas tree and the new-wing is just ordinary erm tree = =

Old wing

New wing

Having lunch at Bar-b-q plaza.
It's a Vietnamese restaurant. But I feel it more like a steamboat instead of bbq.

Hmm, bbq+steamboat sound nicer.
Not sure how to comment bout it cause we done the cooking ourselves and the food serve like any other steamboat restaurant. The ala'carte style. Just that the sauce they served is not really my kind of favor. They only have belacan, cilli padi and garlic. So, Uh-um. *shake head*

Found a costume shop somewhere at new-wing. And playing around their thingy thingy.

Burger king wtf.

Am I cute?or I am cute >.<

Oh ya, did I mention that princy had accidentally cut his finger the other day? I mean he actually squash it. His two nails were gone T.T and yeeewww!!


and...I camwhore with it too~



Princy then got pissed.
and say I'm cold-hearted, mean, not-love him. *princy mumbling*

= =''''''''''

Okla, sorry baby.
I love u ^^v *big wet eyes*

see~ the sunshine also love us.
*point right*

Oh!! now I know why I put this headline. *winks*

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Da bin lou

The other day I was invited to a friend's house for steamboat!!
4 guys and Me only girl. Boo :P
and my first experience steamboat-ing on the floor!! Really da-bin-lou lo!ahahhaa..

me me me me me
= =
Did you actually see those things on the floor?

I did took few pic for the foods but....I just cant find it in my file!!*cries*
Nebermind, I tell you then. Hmm..they prepared fish, vege, crab-meat stick(got 2 diff kind), chicken, pork...bla bla forget already.

Oh ya, my friend-ah Mu (the one who prepare all those things) insist to make his own meatball.
So yeah, present you his meatball :

Wtf right.
and he still insist that IS A MEATBALL.
= =

After like...1 hrs maybe, we started to slow down. And getting lazy.
We even Lay on the floor while we!
Don't believe it?
Nah, the evidence:

Believe now?

Haha, I really have a great night.
and been treaten like a princess. Only girl what to do~~*evil grin*
Even after dinner they just want me stand aside and watch them doing the cleaning. aww~

Melvin, washing dishes.

Ah mu, aranging the plates

geong lik, trowing rubbish.

Chua, moping floor.

And I, was busy taking those photo hahaha.
I was so so full. Bloated. Like a pregnant lady.T____T Imagine my tummy bigger than my boobs wtf. Fine, don't imagine.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sing k!!

Me first to hold the m.i.c
(Hmm,where is my eye?)

Amoi.Me. Rach@lao hua(ops)

Iee chee@Itchy.Moi.San.Ching

Rainbow stripes guy: Clas rep@Lun
Purple shirt guy: Lock lock
Pink Shirt gal: Zheng

us again^^

First time ever, I hang out with my bunch (half, to be exact) of lovely classmates*cough*...well, I would like to correct my amendment, they are hell lot crazy man!!tsk tsk...

38 betul.
But this is why we clicks. lolz!!

Things that I knew more bout them afterall :

1. My class rep is a song-encyclopedia. He knows every song we select.
2. Itchy sing like ants wtf.
3. Rach aka lao hua....lmao
4. Lock lock sing with his eyes closed. damn emo.
5. Class rep sing non-stop. almost every song. Yea, I actually mean he also sing the girl's part.
6. He sing very loud. Even louder than those who holds mic. = =
7. He(again) like to shake his body like those uncle in pub while he sing.Gosh!
8. Amoi and I are damn out-date. We sing song like ABBA wtf. Mamamia wtf.
9. Zheng can really EAT. she finished like....3 plates of the dish. Alone. @.@
10. They are really cute!!

A great memory, a good laugh. Love them to max!!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

cicak man??

Yesterday, a sudden plan going sing k with my bunch of classmates.
and...we actually skipped our business ethics class!!opss~ our class Representative also follow eh!! (kids please don't learn this at school >.<)

So after our breakfast, we head to Greenbox and guess what??
we saw CICAK man in action = = (wtf?) right in front of us!!
Stick at AMoi car's wipper. *shivering*

OMFG! *faint*

Closer look! *wake up, faint again*
wtf I still manage to snap those pics. with my eyes close = =

A very good warming up to sing I guess = =
At last our class rep help up to chase the cicak man. Our Hero wtf save our lifes.

Had never step in the box for 2 sem. Miss those time.
To be continue....sing k!

Monday, November 10, 2008


First of all...

Happy Be-lated B'day to AMoi~~officially (at last) 23 yrs-old XD

"happy Bday Queen Amoi"

Queen=> Si Tao Po (boss's wife)
Amoi=> Amoi la wtf = =

She is known for her bossy *cough*, I mean as boss's wife *cough*, so the gangs respect her as the so-call SI TAO PO in canto.
But I call AMoi because..... I know the true-color *evil-grin* just...Meh.

On the Sat itself, me and my princy tag along his buddy/bro, Vince to MELACCA just to buy the cake. Roar. The famous ever Nadeje Mille Crepe. Yum to the max!!!!!
As the pic show above. Sorry for the blur effect. You know~T.T

Althoug the main purpose is the cake, we....(maybe only me >.<) never missed the chance for Simply fish and...YUP! Longkang C-ham. ^.^
Reached 830pm back at 1130pm. Cool?

I know you miss my cute face ^^ lalala~

Simply fish:

Ocean Supreme

Cheese baked oyster
(I love this!)

= =
He just want to show how big is the sotong ring


Longkang C-ham
Sorry ar, no pic for that as its.....too messy to show XD

Wonder why no pic with Amoi the Bday gal?
Lol...cause we were LATE. =.= why. Simply fish.why.Longkang.why.
Missed the party at Velvet.Sigh.

Anyhow, we still delivered the cake right?Right. Lalala~*whistle*


About 2/3 weeks ago, met up with the vege-going married-couple.

Officially husband and wife ^^

Too bad I cant attend their wedding on 6th Dec T__T I'm having my final exam.
Still, Happy for them!! Awww~~ *tears*

Talk about exam.....3 more weeks to my final???Gosh!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Prison break

OMG Brad Bellick in Prison Break is dead. I mean die in the series wtf. The real guy still alive and I don't know what's his real name.

But omg touch!!

He sacrificed himself for them in order to help them get through the hole for syllar.
I cried. wtf.I cried.Cry for Brad Bellick.
He is so annoyed in season 1 till 3 but this season 4 I started to like him and then he died = =


Still, <333 my Michael Scopfield^^V