Monday, November 10, 2008


First of all...

Happy Be-lated B'day to AMoi~~officially (at last) 23 yrs-old XD

"happy Bday Queen Amoi"

Queen=> Si Tao Po (boss's wife)
Amoi=> Amoi la wtf = =

She is known for her bossy *cough*, I mean as boss's wife *cough*, so the gangs respect her as the so-call SI TAO PO in canto.
But I call AMoi because..... I know the true-color *evil-grin* just...Meh.

On the Sat itself, me and my princy tag along his buddy/bro, Vince to MELACCA just to buy the cake. Roar. The famous ever Nadeje Mille Crepe. Yum to the max!!!!!
As the pic show above. Sorry for the blur effect. You know~T.T

Althoug the main purpose is the cake, we....(maybe only me >.<) never missed the chance for Simply fish and...YUP! Longkang C-ham. ^.^
Reached 830pm back at 1130pm. Cool?

I know you miss my cute face ^^ lalala~

Simply fish:

Ocean Supreme

Cheese baked oyster
(I love this!)

= =
He just want to show how big is the sotong ring


Longkang C-ham
Sorry ar, no pic for that as its.....too messy to show XD

Wonder why no pic with Amoi the Bday gal?
Lol...cause we were LATE. =.= why. Simply fish.why.Longkang.why.
Missed the party at Velvet.Sigh.

Anyhow, we still delivered the cake right?Right. Lalala~*whistle*


About 2/3 weeks ago, met up with the vege-going married-couple.

Officially husband and wife ^^

Too bad I cant attend their wedding on 6th Dec T__T I'm having my final exam.
Still, Happy for them!! Awww~~ *tears*

Talk about exam.....3 more weeks to my final???Gosh!

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