Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kiss the sunshine

Not so sure why I put that as my headline. Just lah!

Went to Pyramid with princy on the weekend. and I feel so Christmas already.
Jingle bell jingle bell~~
The old-wing was decorated with red-colored Christmas tree and the new-wing is just ordinary erm tree = =

Old wing

New wing

Having lunch at Bar-b-q plaza.
It's a Vietnamese restaurant. But I feel it more like a steamboat instead of bbq.

Hmm, bbq+steamboat sound nicer.
Not sure how to comment bout it cause we done the cooking ourselves and the food serve like any other steamboat restaurant. The ala'carte style. Just that the sauce they served is not really my kind of favor. They only have belacan, cilli padi and garlic. So, Uh-um. *shake head*

Found a costume shop somewhere at new-wing. And playing around their thingy thingy.

Burger king wtf.

Am I cute?or I am cute >.<

Oh ya, did I mention that princy had accidentally cut his finger the other day? I mean he actually squash it. His two nails were gone T.T and yeeewww!!


and...I camwhore with it too~



Princy then got pissed.
and say I'm cold-hearted, mean, not-love him. *princy mumbling*

= =''''''''''

Okla, sorry baby.
I love u ^^v *big wet eyes*

see~ the sunshine also love us.
*point right*

Oh!! now I know why I put this headline. *winks*

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