Thursday, November 20, 2008

Da bin lou

The other day I was invited to a friend's house for steamboat!!
4 guys and Me only girl. Boo :P
and my first experience steamboat-ing on the floor!! Really da-bin-lou lo!ahahhaa..

me me me me me
= =
Did you actually see those things on the floor?

I did took few pic for the foods but....I just cant find it in my file!!*cries*
Nebermind, I tell you then. Hmm..they prepared fish, vege, crab-meat stick(got 2 diff kind), chicken, pork...bla bla forget already.

Oh ya, my friend-ah Mu (the one who prepare all those things) insist to make his own meatball.
So yeah, present you his meatball :

Wtf right.
and he still insist that IS A MEATBALL.
= =

After like...1 hrs maybe, we started to slow down. And getting lazy.
We even Lay on the floor while we!
Don't believe it?
Nah, the evidence:

Believe now?

Haha, I really have a great night.
and been treaten like a princess. Only girl what to do~~*evil grin*
Even after dinner they just want me stand aside and watch them doing the cleaning. aww~

Melvin, washing dishes.

Ah mu, aranging the plates

geong lik, trowing rubbish.

Chua, moping floor.

And I, was busy taking those photo hahaha.
I was so so full. Bloated. Like a pregnant lady.T____T Imagine my tummy bigger than my boobs wtf. Fine, don't imagine.



kaka said...

pretty innovative way to steamboat haha

michikosia said...

yea, weird but fun!
I don't think will have another chance for that >.<