Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sing k!!

Me first to hold the m.i.c
(Hmm,where is my eye?)

Amoi.Me. Rach@lao hua(ops)

Iee chee@Itchy.Moi.San.Ching

Rainbow stripes guy: Clas rep@Lun
Purple shirt guy: Lock lock
Pink Shirt gal: Zheng

us again^^

First time ever, I hang out with my bunch (half, to be exact) of lovely classmates*cough*...well, I would like to correct my amendment, they are hell lot crazy man!!tsk tsk...

38 betul.
But this is why we clicks. lolz!!

Things that I knew more bout them afterall :

1. My class rep is a song-encyclopedia. He knows every song we select. Every.single.song.
2. Itchy sing like ants wtf.
3. Rach aka lao hua....lmao
4. Lock lock sing with his eyes closed. damn emo.
5. Class rep sing non-stop. almost every song. Yea, I actually mean he also sing the girl's part.
6. He sing very loud. Even louder than those who holds mic. = =
7. He(again) like to shake his body like those uncle in pub while he sing.Gosh!
8. Amoi and I are damn out-date. We sing song like ABBA wtf. Mamamia wtf.
9. Zheng can really EAT. she finished like....3 plates of the dish. Alone. @.@
10. They are really cute!!

A great memory, a good laugh. Love them to max!!!!!

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