Friday, November 7, 2008

Prison break

OMG Brad Bellick in Prison Break is dead. I mean die in the series wtf. The real guy still alive and I don't know what's his real name.

But omg touch!!

He sacrificed himself for them in order to help them get through the hole for syllar.
I cried. wtf.I cried.Cry for Brad Bellick.
He is so annoyed in season 1 till 3 but this season 4 I started to like him and then he died = =


Still, <333 my Michael Scopfield^^V


tR@cy said...

i wan to watch.....T.T

michikosia said...

lol next month will finis d.
Be patient!!XD

hows ur one piece?finis jor?

tR@cy said...

havent.. read till chapter 152 only!!