Friday, April 18, 2008


UUhhh!!!Its 430 am now and I'm still awake!

Want to know why?(who cares>.<) But I still want to tell =p

I'm waiting for MDG to load and yeah,the new episode is out but without part4. I wonder why they put up part 5 and 6 but without 4. Technical problem again?Sigh.
Another LATE episode that make us (at least me) waiting for soooooo looooong. Hey its really that long ok you see its 430am! *Double sigh*

But hey! GOOD NEWS eh!!
An unexpected result this week. NO ONE GOT ELIMINATED.
Yes you see what you just saw. Thats why I'm still here to blog. Can't wait to tell lar woohoo~

Eh, part4 just out! um its 445am. Ha!
Can see that I'm kind of stubborn huh. Die die also want to wait for the complete episode.

Okok, let me tell you the bottom three for this week; Adeline, Nadia and Jay.
And Jay had the lowest vote *gasp*

Honestly the latest episode really got me open my mouth many times.
No regret for waiting it=)

Can sleep in peace now. eh choy!

*slap* suppose study for final eh. Damn is friday now, 3 more days.

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