Friday, April 25, 2008

Will be MIA for another week.
So itchy want to post for MDG and ANTM this two days as the result really do shock me lot! Specially MDG, cheesie was voted out?? Impossible lor as she never be in the bottom 3 but got eliminated?! Seriously I do felt like something fishy going on with the votes thingy. Hmm..
Oh ya, go check out Part4 of the latest episode 15.
A conversation between Cindy and her dad again. Juicy can! I'm sure you totally agree with me she is a FAKER. But the conversation is in mandarine.

As for my exam, 2 paper is done and another 2 left.
Cross my finger and pray that I can do well this time. Very well that type. Ha!

After that will off to Melacca find vege-fenn help her pack and do housework wtf.

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