Wednesday, September 24, 2008



Day 3:

Wake up at noon again. Great. I think.
Nothing to eat in the fridge. I hungry T___T. Say NO to maggie please. Very. very irritating.
Wonder should order pizza delivery or dominos. Yum.
Few sets of drama in my Pc, thinking which to start. first. or maybe all together?No,wait. PB and GG. Eh, Heroes out too. Now, I sound busy. yay~~ (boo Orz)

Amoi is a liar. She say will go sing k in this few days. Still, not getting any call from her yet. T__T ya, only 2 of us, the leftover. (double boo:/) our kaki already grad what to do.
Fyi, we used to sing on every wednesday. The "sing-k" day. you know~
And the leftover one. never step in the BOX for the whole sem after the kaki left. WHOLE SEM.

Are we changed or we are changed?

One thing for sure I know, my fats never change wtf *stare away*

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