Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gossip Girls season2 is out!!

OMG omg omg omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!

HOW how how HOW how HOW HOW how how how

so as prison break!


Heroes will be next week.



tR@cy said...

i wan to watch PRISON BREAK and HEROES.... please~~ let me know if u have finish DL.....

Do you watch Cashmere Mafia??

michikosia said...

but hor prison break and all tat 1 week only out 1 epi :(

Cashmere mafia I watched d, i heard tey stop lidat no more further season coming out wor.

tR@cy said...

then when the u finish all the episode only tell me la. i'm patient enuf to wait..

then do u have the 1st season Cashmere Mafia??

michikosia said...

yup i have~~~

will ask WM bring to futsal pass to panther k ^^

wan gossip girl season 1?

tR@cy said...


can also.. mucks...