Sunday, September 14, 2008


Update: Just realise that this is not my 100 post boo:/ and I'm not happy nowT.T cause I'm sad wtf. my exam sucks and killing me softly~~~ tomorrow still got my tax aaaaaa how ar so sad.

This is my 100 post!!yay~~

So I'm gonna post a Happy one!!

*Cough cough*
(clearing throut)

VEGE-MELISSA is going to get married end of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG omg omg Omg OMg OMGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy like I'm the one who is going to get married that kind of happy wtf!

FYI, Vege-melissa is one of my sista/bestie friend/buddy/vege/amoi/ji mui/jie mei/soul mates/1 of the 7 /whatever-la-its-my-10+old friend.
and she is the first to get married!!! eh no, vege-ting is the I'm confuse.
vege-ting had registered as a married couple but not having the wedding dinner YET. So erm is this count?

All I want to say is omg I need to keep fit = = cause my sis (real one) is going to get married end of the year also. and I'm the bridesmate =____________= so no matter how also need to cut my weight cause I scare I cant fit in the grooms damn. or they though we are celebrating "dumpling day" again wtf. Get what I mean ar?aiya nebermind.

Oh oh actually I just finish half of my paper means 3 more to goes. so far still good I think.
Hopefully I can make it for another 3.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA so happy cant study. wtf.


Anonymous said...

mmm...=.=!!!...keep fit michi???ermm...keep fit...keep fit...

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