Monday, August 6, 2007

Pahang 1 day trip

^.^As was planned by nelly last week, she will go Pahang with her boyfriend to have DURIANs.

In the end,she invite me to join the trip,yay~

Early in the sunday morning..630am,they come and fetch me..>.<
Yup,is 630AM neh!!!!(i never wake up so early for my class..duh)

Then,pick up their friend(wei ming) n his papa and start our journey from KL to Pahang (Jerokoh?if i'm not mistaken)

on the way to pahang..uncle request to yamcha at this Bukit Tinggi

our breakfast.

me,in the middle of the road.

wei ming and me

me and amoi(nelly)

Meet up uncle's bro and his friend at that place then continue our journey.
All along the way,uncle keep tell jokes and discuss about the latest news.
A very friendly and funny uncle.
Surprisingly through uncle only i know that wei ming from kuching,i mean born in kuching neh~
That makes me think of the gals. Grr..enjoying their sun tank with bikini.I guess. Nevermind, i have DURIANs.>.<

oh ya, the funniest of all..we have to translate our language all the time.
As for your knowledge,amoi's boyfriend(kenneth) does not understand mandarin at all(pure banana) and i don't understand cantonese well.
End up everyone speak english+bahasa+mandarin+cantonese in a very broken way. Specially uncle.wahaha..
er..Sorry if you dun get me.

Reach uncle's kampung around 10am.

The first thing we do is..

Eat durian!!!


oh..erm,just pretending something.
my face roxx huh!

Then go uncle's "diamond" hotel to get the necessary.

outside the compound.



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yung . said...

aduhh i read liao feel u reali got enjoy the trip loh! xian mu neh!!