Friday, August 3, 2007

Old Town

All most every morning me and my friend will have our breakfast at OLDTOWN...ehem,or i have to say..its our brunch actully..haha..

our so-called "lao di fang"
curry me+xi mut milk tea will always be my favorite order.

See the red-colour-layer in my mee?its OIL!!
but i still like the mee..(simply because i like the curry taste>.<) always need to filter the oil..yew..
Tata~ oil gone..

look at the small bowl beside my curry mee..
tsk tsk tsk..imagine i eat those all most everyday without filter it..gosh FAT!
hmmp..wonder is that why i cant lose my weight?

duh..dun care first lah..fill my tummy more important than anything.

yum yum..

I'm stil fat!


yung . said...

woiii pui dun eat so fast leh! don't forget our second round of competition ya.

btw, i hate old town. it sucks!

michikosia said...

i din say "i like old town" but..the service there not bad lo..curry mee nice!
ana..i will try to