Saturday, August 23, 2008

cheeky vege


Although only half of the vege-gang was here, we still so vege can!

vege as usual, *click* for more pictures and details :)

Having lots of vege fun. aww~ I miss them already..sob :(((((((
Its an unplanned meets okay!! It happened that vege-fenn has her convo in kl, vege-melly outstation in kl (again), vege-fung having her shopping-leave in kl and vege-lin(me lah^^V) still study in kl. boo

I'm really really vegelly greatful and thankful to have the vege with me. Its been ummp 10+ years we have been knowing each other and we still maintain our sistership so damn well.
Xoxo always love you gals.

xoxo to my princy also *winks*


tR@cy said...

lolz.. ur wm's pic (xanga) very funny le....

michikosia said...

ahaha yeala...they all like to "dress" him up = =