Wednesday, August 20, 2008



At last, I bought my very first camera!!



Still, its a smaller version of DSLR. lalalal~*whistle*
Sigh, quite obviously I cant afford it now. I mean the real one >.< but I still like my mini dslr<3 Its actually Necklace-torchlight-lighter ! multifunction eh <333

I enjoy "snapping" pictures. Neh, use torchlight function as flash like that to take ppl's photo and they get very annoyed after sometime cause I keep on flash at them wtf.
I even "took" pictures for the stranger like motorcyclist = =
There is a time when I flash at princy in the car and he got terrified cause he thought it was a speed trap = = why my princy so cute like that.

I think princy really got annoyed. lalallala~

I'm LoVin IT~~balabaababa~~
Happy child.


Anonymous said...

so funny lo u michiko sia00..i tot it's a cute..who noes..==..don alwaz snap pic coming lo..bless u..

michikosia said...

= = 10s anonymous.
I also WISH to be real hahaha^^

Anonymous said...

don worry MIGHT dream come