Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Off to KL in another 20 more hours~~!!

I know you will probably saying that, ahh just KL so what?
But it means what for me ^.^
I love that place so much, not just because of the happening environment, but, my lovely friends.
Not sure is that I'm lucky or what, I've not really met or been approached by the so called bad guys. Friends of mine are really good. For real.

I miss them so so so much! specially amoi, suet and Tian! but too bad Tian can't make it >.<
But the seafoods family still will reunite~
Looking forward for the gathering and shopping and eating and wow just everything!!
I'm so excited can't sleep wts =.=

Ps: To Connie, I think I need to postpone "memi2yr-old's" post after I back from trip hohohoho~

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