Sunday, October 25, 2009

Challeging Mount' Santubong

.....was terribly failed!!waduf

Worse thing ever happened during mount' climbing wtf.
Lucky enough to bring the pad and it safes my life =.= and that's the end of my climbling wtf after a 20 minutes climb?hooray~ =.=

Well, since that's it I can't climb anymore (wtf it really pain and it's killing me!), I decided to head down and off to the beach! yay~
*Fyi, the mount (Santubong) located just beside the beach.

thank you, my tired pms face waduf

The weather is damn good that morning, God do hear our prayers, don't HE :P
So why do I waste the chance?

Isn't it beautiful?
God's creation is amazing!

okay, that's the end wtf I waited them for like 4 hours or more in total!!
but, I do enjoy that day :P

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