Friday, March 28, 2008

Who's the Best?

Occasionally I compare my accomplishments to those of others and lament that I seem to have done little in my life.
We often make such comparisons.
Children do it in sports or school competitions; adults do it in workplace or at class and family reunions.
"Who is the fastest, strongest, or smartest?"
"Who has accumulated the most wealth, prestige, or glamour?"
"Who is the winner?"
Such comparisons can result in hurt feelings, envy, or rivalry.

But God does not measure success using human standards. In the story from Samuel 30, David rewarded his soldiers equally for their service, no matter their individual contribution to the victory.
In the same way, God asks ONLY that we serve to the best of our ability with the talents given us. It is not for us to compare our achievements with others' or to judge another's calling against our own.
Our role is to faithfully do our best at the work given us, wherever we serve.
When we give our best, we are winners.

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