Thursday, March 27, 2008


Grrrrr!!!!I'm so mad bout the streamyx line.
As for the reason I disappear so long its because my line got hack??!!
Stupid hacker I curse you.
Found out 2 days ago and my housemate got it fix by today. Fuuh~ At last...
Thanks Hong, the birthday boy of yesterday,Haha...talking bout this, we went to have a great steamboat last night to celebrate for his big day=)
We,16 of us with 4 cars and 3 big tables joining together. Eat lots of lots of seafoods and I think the "Taukenio" having headache when we almost finish all the prawns they have!!LMAO.
Taking lots of pictures and its still at Chloe's camera. Waiting her to send me >.<

Bout pass weeks,been busy with lots of assignment and thingy.
I cant say its free now since final exam its just around the corner.
But its much more relax on this week after everything had summited =)

Oh ya, went melacca last saturday. Hmmp, guess I'll make it to the next entry.
Tired lar~

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