Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Here here!!!!!

*waving hardly*
Well, here am I. wtf.

Been MIA for so damn long I know, and I'm so sorry.
Without internet connection this 6 month(gosh!!!) I'm as dumb as Mr. bean wtf I cant even give an updated character now, gees!

Grown fatter, and that's so true and I'm accepting it as my part of life. =.='''
(somebody please stop me)
So much thing(s), like a lot of ssssssss to say but I want to keep it till my next update =P

Bear me for another weeks or so, or maybe.




☆HoCaN★ said...

welcome back~

tR@cy said...

Yeah Yeah.. you are back!!!

aarontay23 said...
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michikosia said...

lol hi all^^v thanks

aaron, ahaha i changed my num.wil msg u guys my new num soon.