Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Granpa Bday @ Family reunion


Been really busy for my granpa 80's Birthday last saturday.
Relatives back from everywhere over the world (wtf as if I've THAT much of relatives)
Lucky enough no H1N1 wtf. *choy*

Anyway this is mainly a picture post of the reunions. So bare the camwhore*cough* as usual *cough*

Here u go!

#1 Say yo! The birthday boy!

*spot me??*

#2 Cousins. Feel free to pick one back wtf.
Got ah beng ah hui ah nerd.

#3 Simply just like to bully him.
Clerance, age 16/USA

#4 Uncles

#5 Aunties. Everytime when we dine outside, we need 5 big tables.
*big eye*
and...we are super noisy. Just imagine another 50 of me sitting together. Get me?lolz

#6 Familiessssss

#7 Having blessing ceremony at church.

#8 Dinner at Riverside Majestics. Overall view. and yeah, cutting cakes again.

#9 lining up to walk in the hall. Not sure whose idea but...yea, shows the generation wtf like ants wtf.

#10 I know...it goes like "woaaaaaaaow".

#11 Cousies cousiee. Not forget to mention, our theme is purple, red and white.
That's why you will see only that 3 colours. lolz

#12 Love this photo so damn much!!
Awww, aren't they cute?

That's basically showing how my cousin uncles aunties looks like. And there're actually thousands more photo in my hard drive and I'm just randomly select. Imagine!


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