Thursday, July 31, 2008

online buy

Update: I wonder why recently no people care to upload sytycd??so sad T____T please upload for me I dying to watch my Katee lar, okokok...our Katee >.<~~ how ar I wait for so long today and yet nobody upload!!! boooohuhuhuhuhu T__________________T

Had my very first online purchase weeks ago and its!

I bought a dress from a random pick of website (daring huh!). So there it is....uuhmm, my buys!!


the details

Love the Hem of the skirt!!

Hahahha...tats Amoi modeling for the dress. Please say it's nice. I mean both of my dress and Amoi ha!!Its my turn to pay her $50??? click if u don't understand me. *wink*

Ok, as for the buy, its was satisfied. Talking bout the quality of the material...not bad. The "service" of the delivery and the reply mail stuff was excellent. It actually delivered at the date I make payment/order. *gaps*


Ya, I hate to say it but it does have a BUT indeed T____T
The size.......was so wrong!! It is TOOOO BIG for me and yeah I "overestimate" myself T___T It fits UK 6 to 12. Erm, actually I thought I was in that range. Is Size M= UK 6 or 8...or 10??? Oh crap, I really didn't check the actually size before I order it =_____=
Even I put the belt for the dress it still too large for me, as you notice Amoi also need to carry the dress itself.

Great,I think I just give it to my eldest sister T________T (fyi, she is a pregnant lady)

So, thats my very first buy online. Not bad after all, besides the size thing. =___=


Anonymous said...

no bad la michi michi..u noe who m i?ahha..i think u can guess it..actually da skirt u may keep 4 ursef..who noe once in da coming days u may need it..heheh..wahhahah...

michikosia said...



shuddup u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi! Hemmm!!! It did look too big for u. Well if ur sis don't want u can still use it as pajamas!
BTW tq very much for dropping on my site!
Have a very nice day!