Monday, July 28, 2008

Milky milk mum

Hahaha sound like very juicy and milky wtf.
Its a lame title I know T___T sorry lah I'm not good in putting title T__T
Sorry to those who thought its some Booby milky boobs post *cough cough*

The other day itu AMoi was helping our classmate- Mr Foo (lol sound so formal wtf) to do some umm photo shoot thing for the school magazine...or Uni-magazine, errr whatever it is lar its a cover page girl thing OK!!! why am I so angry wtf.

......and I was been so forced (again) ........................ok I think AMoi will kill me if she saw this.

Fine. I was been so honored to be please for becoming her assistant or manager or "nai ma"- "bao mu"(milk mum) or whatsoever u call that wtf.

SO,I was paid $50 a day, so the currency exchange rate is RM3.3/RM then its like $50*Rm3.3=RM165......WEIIIIIIIIII!!!!
sorry ar recently too much of Financial accounting thingy in my head. (my lecturer will feel damn proud >.<)

and I was kidding bout the pay thing. T___T

Back to the topic wtf. Umhh I think pictures do tell a better story don't they?*wink*

Representing you......Mr Foo^^

A really really shy guy. and yes, thats my peace>.<

Foo and Amoi

They start on the make up:

*pat pat pat*

pat damn gao lo I tell you. *gasp*
Like Juu-onn(Japanese ghost movie)

The tools

Camwhore with Juu-onn wtf

Tadaaaa~~~~~make-up done^^




Errr, its me *shy*
get a free eyebrow shave ^.^V

amoi: "Checking for the make up"

amoi: "okay, good."

=__= I think I'm good in assistant thingy.
who want to hire me ar?$50 a day??



Proceed to Hair:

Blury Hairstylist don't know the name wtf.

Camwhore again with better looking Ju-onn wtf

a "Must-kiss" pose with Ju-onn

Foo caught in action

Me caught myself in action wtf =__=


Tadaa~~hair done.


umm...don't ask me whats the different.
I've no idea >.<


"Nai ma" VS Amoi

See the bling bling in the photo? No edit lor!!
aww~ *hearts* <33333333

Then, at last. Photo shoot :

Pose pose stretch stretch


amoi: "nai ma, I want pee T__T"

I was kidding.

Continue the shoot:

Personally I like this pic <33
and NO, this photo is not edited and its taken from MUA,yes nai ma and ya ME!!
I teach the pose too*pats myself*

ME can become Photographer also.

Behind the scene shoot:

I got warn by the photographer as he do not allow us took any photo T__T
Professional rule thingy @.@

A bit drama happened before I took both photo above. It goes like this:

I was told by AMoi that MUST help her to pose or correct her when the angle is not right or fugly or fat or thin wtf. and I did. (as you can see the pose above)
How I did was standing behind the photographer, means opposite of amoi and do the pose and keep shouting so that amoi can see then follow.
Just imagine I keep....
"amoi, hand Hand HAND!!"

"amoi, leg Leg LEG!!"

"Nooo, amoi eye look camera"

"amoi, Head ar HEAD turn turn..look up UP UP!!!"



and more.....

I know its very annoying and neither I realize that nor Amoi cause tooooo concentrate bah.
Till....the photographer can't tahan anymore, he then turn (look very fierce like want to kill me like that) and say:

"miss ar, CAN YOU JUST PLEASE SIT THERE (pointing behind) AND LET HER DO HER OWN POSE ARRRR!!!!!!!!?"


"ummm...sorry sorry " and I quietly walk behind and took my sit T___T

But I still do the same thing after few snap later. tee-hee :P
Amoi needs my HELP bah >.< and the photographer keep repeating the same quote above. Like 3 times.I think he did get pissed =___= and really hates me.
(Why I damn not feel embarrassing wan =_______=)

So....the end wtf.


yung . said...

Your day sounded so fun lah! I never had to chance to join in any activities like this.. =[

michikosia said...

hahah~it was really fun!!
Mizz ya all lar...i miss melacca food!

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